Who do you have with your Haggar Team?



Haggar as my point I put Frank West and Arthur as assists, Reason being is because for when you do the Down Heavy (OTG) the shopping cart and daggers hold them in the air long enough for you combo in to a hoodlum launcher. and it also leads to a good opening for Haggar Body Press.


Haggar on point with Lariat
Dr. Strange with Amagato
Ryu with Hadoken

EoA does multiple hits, soaks up projectiles, and can keep the opponent in the air long enough to do a light hoodlum launcher to extend my combos.
Same as hadoken with Ryu. Hadoken is overlooked as an assist, it eats several projectiles, keeps them in the air long enough to let out a light hoodlum launcher.

I can use both assist in one easy combo, and do 1.1mil damage with a team super as well.
Average, I’d say, but easy enough to do and can kill most characters.


do you play on PS3 or Xbox?





As Hsien-Ko, I’ll try to find an opportunity to hyper armor then tag out to Haggar. If the foe plays keepaway against her, then that means it’s free setup for me but if they play rushdown, Haggar’s lariat assist will help her weak defense. If I’m successful on using hyper armor then tagging out, I’ll have Haggar with a getting in/lockdown assist (daggers) and a heavy lockdown/gtfo assist (pendulum). Both assists are capable of extending combos so if Haggar ever lays a touch on anyone, they’ll most likely die from a ToD combo and if not, Haggar will put you into a reset position. If Hsien-Ko dies early on, Haggar will still have Arthur’s assist to help him out. If Haggar dies, I can resort to XF3 Arthur probably stocked with meter thanks to Haggar.


Haggar (lariat) deadpool (quick work) doom (mainly purasama beam)

Haggar can ToD thor off a pipe or command grab with this setup. Quick work complements pipe really well as a fast low attack, beam can interrupt the opponent’s zoning… i want to try working with his other 2 assists, molecular shield would give haggar a better opportunity to combo and deadpool backed with missiles is ridiculously good zoning. Would hurt haggar’s combos though.

If only my deadpool and doom were as good as my haggar -_-


haggar(lariat)/hulk(gamma charge non-aa)/akuma (tatsu for lockdown, gohadoken for combo extender)


Haggar (Lariat) / Chris (Machine Gun) / Doom (Rocks)

Machine Gun to cover Haggar’s approach. Both assists can be used for OTG -> Hoodlum Launcher relaunches. I can get 1.1 Million + in the corner with THC starting with 0 meter.


I mostly play Haggar/Deadpool (Quickwork)/Rocket Raccoon (Spitfire) these days. Deadpool’s assist provides easy unblockable setups/good pressure, and the nature of his hyper allows me to THC anywhere on screen (if I have only two bars) and still have my hyper with Haggar hit. Rocket Raccoon, of course, extending my combos and lending to zoning.

When I run Phoenix Wright/Haggar/Rocket Raccoon, I use Phoenix’s dog assist, which is really great as nobody ever expects it and most people seem to ignore it or forget that it comes out, as it’s a few seconds behind him entering the screen. It’s a low-hitting assist (which gives me unblockables) that is low enough to the ground to truck right on under other projectiles and even some hypers, and it’s capable of OTGing to extend combos, too. The timing isn’t even difficult. You just have to call him right as you hit the ground and hit d+H. The dropkick will connect, you’ll pipe-cancel and stand up, and then the dog will hit and knock them up in the air for an easy (and enemy-baffling) Hoodlum Launcher. Good times.

Should Phoenix Wright die before I can get all of his evidence, I’ve still got Rocket Raccoon to support Haggar, which is all that I really need in the first place.


I play Haggar/Frank/Hawkeye and I was using poison for the longest time for otging w Haggar while poisoning my opponent. Being poisoned used to really freak people out and force some bad decisions to be made but the poison doesnt always actually stay on them and it really became a random thing. poison was also not helping my neutral game at all but I let it rock because frank’s cart was essentially doing the same thing as greyhound. I finally took the plunge and switched to greyhound and I think its working out pretty well. I prefer it in some situations over the cart because as amazing as that assist is, Frank has a tendency to get blown up. Only real problem I have with it is that when haggar is down and I have just frank and hawkeye, I havent found a way to extend combos for lvling up Frank. It helps the hell out of his neutral game though.


Hagger Dante doom…spin a Rooney jam session beam…with this setup simple bnbs net well over 800k with meter


Felicia with Rolling Buckler
Haggar With Lariat
Doom with Plasma Beam

Haggar helps get people off Felicia
Felicia helps Haggar with unblockable pipe set ups
Doom helps both by shooting science. All good governments need a science division


PW/Haggar/Arthur, sometimes I put Haggar on point and PW second though. I use PW’s dog assist, Haggar’s Lariat, and Arthur’s Daggers as assists.

Lariat is used to as a defensive assist to get people off and it works very well with PW, almost acting like another shield to use. Daggers doesn’t do anything special for PW, but it still good since they’re pretty slow and beat alot of other projectiles.

Both assists complement Haggar’s neutral game and combo ability. Both the THCs are pretty good too, although PW’s ends too early. Depending on the situation I like to do Lariat xx XF ToD if I’m not confident with Dark Arthur.

Arthur is never taken out of the anchor position unless someone snaps him in. He’s mostly the XF3 character but I can zone decently with him and with Haggar assist it’s even better. PW’s assist doesn’t do much for Arthur at all.

My biggest problem is people with beam moves/assists. I played against a guy at tournament that used Mags/Doom and he would do Disruptor xx Plasma Beam xx Disruptor and I could not do anything. Maya shield gets destroyed in less than a second (all the damage is unscaled), Arthur doesn’t attack fast enough so he gets hit, and the chip is outrageous, so my only real option is superjump and hope I get something but that’s not what PW is good at, and since it’s Mags he can do airthrow, superjump then fly away, Shockwave, etc.


Chris(machine gun)/Haggar(Lariat)/Doom(Missiles)

Mostly just play keep away with chris with missiles as back up for lockdown so I can chip as much damage as possible. Throw in grenades and landmines to keep people out along with Lariat as my GTFO assist in case they want to be too aggressive or teleport happy. Lariat also functions great as a combo starter for chris if I do catch them with a lariat. It also allows me to do a double super in the corner with chris and has great DHC into body slam in case I have the meter. Haggar with doom assist is pretty deadly as it causes some people to just stop moving and allows haggar to get in and do some mix-ups. My favorite is when they are blocking and anticipating a missiles attack to rush in a command grab with haggar for some good damage. If anyone else knows some good tricks with this set up that would be awesome.


here’s something i have been thinking about but having really tried yet:

with doom missiles, try seeing if you can catch the opponent with missiles while they are chicken blocking in the corner… let them all hit and try and time a hoodlum launcher m as they fall to the ground… landing will cancel the guardstun and let you grab. it seems kind of situational but it sounds pretty good in theory. lots of people like to chicken block haggar.

you can also use missiles to reset people in the middle of a combo with hoodlum h.


It works, I was just talking about it in the general haggar thread the other day. I do it with Franks cart assist but any lockdown assist like that should work.



Haggar and Arthur seem to be great BFF. Then again, any super that lasts a while (Dante, Arthur, Chris) seems to be a good BFF for Haggar. What’s probably the most optimal Haggar team at the moment?


I think haggar + deadpool is amazing, deadpool assist is pretty much perfect for haggar’s aggro and his super lasts long enough during thc. Then you just need a beam or lockdown assist on back and haggar is in business. I use doom. And his super doesn’t mess up thc.


Haggar (a)/ Hulk (a or b)/ Sentinel (a or y)
Haggar (a)/ Frank West (a)/ Super Skrull (a or y)
Haggar (a)/ Frank West (a)/ Arthur (b)
Haggar (a)/ Wesker (b)/ Sentinel (a)


Haggar (lariat), Hulk (AA Charge), Wesker. I’ve been really liking playing team Fooblat. Been watching alot of Bum’s footage for the haggar hulk tech also