Who do you hope gets high tier?

For me, It’s Phoenix Wright. A lot of my friends wonder how can a lawyer be in a fighting game but remind them that Captain Falcon was a race car driver…now he’s one of the most popular and best known chars in Brawl…why can’t the same be done for Wright? I really just hope he isn’t garbage-tier.

What chars do you hope gets high tier?

the ones I already picked out to play?

I cant say I’ve kept up with Brawl…but last time I checked C.Falcon was garbage in that game…Do you mean like Dan type popular…comic relief? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont play Marvel either…but I hope rocket racoon rolls over everybody just so I can see the complaints on srk.lol


Same here. If he was a monster in that game you’d see alot of the Rocket Raccoon haters change their opinions on him.

Shuma-Gorath. B-boy style!

I hope Dr. Strange gets low tier… I’ve been waiting for him a long time and I don’t want him to become a high-tier, over-played sheep character :stuck_out_tongue:

As for someone I want to be high tier? I don’t really want anyone to be high tier. However, I’d like some people pulled from high tier (Wolverine) and others raised from bottom tier (Arthur).

hsien ko

Captain Falcon is ass terrible in Brawl for the record. I want Zero or Viper to be top tier.

Zero is already top tier. Have you seen Marn? He demolishes with Zero.

Zero, Dante, Iron Man.

those three alone. I don’t care if they are alredy top. make em rape even more

I meant in ultimate. He’s losing hard knockdown buster but I hope he’s still good.

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