Who Do you Hope Wins - GOP Primary Edition


This goes to all out there. Who do you hope wins the GOP Primary?

Note: I only added the names of candidates on the ballot who are poised to get the nomination or a statistically significant portion of primary votes.

Voted Christie because I want his fat ass out of NJ office.

I voted Trump, because I want to see the world burn.

Trump, for the skits.

Lol 2 threads. Might as well kept it as one.
Since the majourity of posters only care about Democrats.


God emperor Trump is gonna win. Unstumpable.

But hearty lol at anyone thinking of voting for Jeb Bush. Dude has a gremlin for a wife, no friends and probably has autism since he always does a derpy smile when he has nothing to say.

I dont know how you watch that without cringing.

Trump for one reason:


Cant stump the Trump.
Attack everyone else instead.
Couldnt possibly backfire.

Trump announces he wont do FOX debate but instead hold rally to raise funds of veteran charities.

Day after news gets released. (((Oy vey))), Purely coincidence.


Jeb Bush doesn’t care about black people.

I picked Rubio because he seems like the only reasonable one among them. Republican choices are all lunatics. Okay maybe not Carson, but I don’t really know enough about him and it seems like hes said some pretty loony things.

Trump’s only ahead in the polls because he controls the media cycle. He makes it so easy for lazy media outlets to do their jobs because he just says and does all these crazy things, so they give him all sorts of attention. He just says a lot of those things because it gets him press, not because he’d actually build a wall or start a muslim database (I hope he wouldn’t anyway.) I’d argue we don’t really even KNOW what Trump’s real platform would be because he’s such a manipulator that you really have no way of knowing what he’d really do and what he’s saying just for the attention.

I think Trump is just fucking with everybody, seeing how far he can actually take it. He’s making a mockery of the media, our political system, and the entire United States. And honestly, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

I think ben carson would be hilarious to debate because hes so slow, and so unaware of anything. lol.

It would just be this weekly stream of failure and confusion that would crack me up. Trump would obviously be the most entertaining, but he would still lose incredibly to bernie, and still lose easily to hilary (thank god)

But ben, oh lawd ben carson would be the fucking jokes my friend.

Before anyone goes too far. Thats just some internet meme with no validity. lol

I cant wait for trump to randomly drop out, and just leave the republicans with their thumb up their asses. lol

Uh, carson is a fucking retard. Hes not even close to being sensible. Its shocking he had such a medical career. I guess you can be really smart at a couple things, and outlandishly stupid at others. Its not really uncommon on this planet when i think about it.

Is the one reason being that people repost the random bullshit they encounter on the Internet?

I’m not even a Trump guy.

Edit: jimmy was in there.