Who do you main/why? (SF Career)


Just a simply question. who do you main and why did you make that decision? Capcom SFG only

SF1: never played

(S)SF2: Ken. his speed and red dp lol. Akuma (see SFA)

SFA: Akuma, he actually became my main in one of the SF2 games because his char design(badass look/stylish moveset) was really cool.

SF3: Akuma (see SFA )

(S)SF4: C. Viper, I was going to main Akuma until I saw some pictures and videos of this “Crimson Viper” character. All it took was one burnkick. . . I fell in love. Thank you Capcom.


a lotta different characters since im a very diverse person or w/e


Sakura because school girls > all


sf2: ken. cause i like the green outfit im no even kidding.
sf3: akuma. i played sf4 before 3 and i main akuma in 4 so he feels the most natural aside from him i use ken ocassionally like a scrub cause that is what i am in sf3.
sf4: akuma. i really like the character design even though i am completely horrible at this game.


sfa2: gief since u can activate cc while someone is in the air and just hit lariat for an hour. sweet combo


SF2/HD R: Ken in his dogshit brown color(I couldn’t even tell you why I pick him in that one, I just do).

SFA2/A3: A2-Sodom/Guy, A3-Sodom/Rolento. Sodom is my favorite character, the original weeaboo. His combos to his kick SPD in A2 just made him the coolest thing ever. If Rolento is in Super then I’ll prolly play main him. Which leads me to…

SSF4: Guy/Ryu. Guy is pretty fun, I still don’t think I’m playing him right tho. Ryu is just here to handle the match ups I have too much of a hard time playing with Guy.

SF3: Yang/Ryu. Yang is the man. cr. mk into rekkas sealed the deal. Ryu is just my go dumb and have fun character. :looney: His donkey kick is the shit and why wasn’t it in super. Oh well it looks like he has it in SFXT anyway.


SF3 : alex … i love to do alot of random things that does alot heavy damage :slight_smile: .


SF2-ST: Zangief. It’s fun to try and work to get in close range for 360s.
Alpha series: V-Sakura, Alpha2 Rose, V-Sodom, A or V-Gief. All of them are fun in their own ways, though Rose is my favorite character in the Alpha series.
3rd Strike: Q, Urien, Hugo, Ken, Chun. Q, Hugo and Urien are my tourney mains as they are the characters I have the most success with. Q since he is good with zoning and defense, Hugo if I want to rush and punish, and Urien for being a slightly better Q with a fireball and headbutt(until he gets Aegis). Ken and Chun are fun to play, but I don’t have the patience to main Chun, even if that sounds weird to some, and Ken requires too much consistency and thinking(fuck the haters, Ken is hard to be sick with).


ST=Vega, cause I hate fighting shoto characters, Claw seems to do the best vs them. SSF4, Blanka and Adon. Blanka just pisses people off, and I hate shoto characters and found it easy just to counter everything they do. Adon, is other easy character to learn and is a lot of fun to use. I just hate shoto characters and anyone who uses shoto characters


I’ll play along…

SF2: Ken/Ryu/Guile, because I fucking can.
ST: Vega, because he’s pretty and he cuts people. Much like myself.
SFA2: Ken, because his white color looks fucking sweet.
SF3 2I: Sean, because he’s top tier and I can spam b+HP for meter.
SF3 3S: Chun Li, because she’s top tier and I can spam b+HP for meter.
SF4: Abel, because I don’t like anybody else in that game.
SSF4: Abel/Juri, because I don’t like anybody else in that game.


3S: NECRO. I main Necro because he fits my style perfectly.


I’m pretty two-dimensional, so I mainly play rush-down characters. There are exceptions, of course.

HDR: Cammy, Guile (When I’m not serious)
SSFIV: Cammy, Guile (When I’m not serious)
2I: Yun, Ken (When I’m not serious)
3S: Elena, Makoto, Ryu (When I’m not serious)
A3: Cammy, Charlie
ST: Probably either Gief or Vega. Need to stop being lazy and pick a main . . .


SF2 Vega because I’m portuguese and he’s the closest to my nationality and wall shenanigans
SF4 Ken 'cause i took a huge hiatus from fighting games, played a flowchart ken at first and actually know how to play him. Basically I spent too much time with him now to want to switch to a new main. I can use 4-5 other characters well though.


SF2: Guile because I love to turtle in that game.
SFA2: Adon because I love st.hk.
SF3: Ryu because I love Denjin hado.
SF4: Bison because I like his playstyle and enjoy ezmode footsies (see: SFA).


I like footsies.
ST: Chun
3S: Yang, Akuma, Q, Chun
SSF4: Balrog


SF2: Dhalsim - He’s one of the more unique characters, and I like his stretchy limbs.

SF3: Necro - Stretchy limbs, and he looks cool.

SF4: Dhalsim - Same as 2 and 3, mostly cause of the stretchy limbs.


SF1: Depends on which player side I was on, but it was normally Ryu
SF2WW: Dhalsim, because I got 10 wins first time I played just spamming cr.FP
SF2CE: Dhalsim, finally learned a few strats like anti air slide, fireballs, and how to mash noggies
SF2T: Guile and Sim. Picked up Guile when some asian kid whopped my ass with him 10 games straight. He was from Cali visiting, and he used Guile in a manner I had never seen. I know I had to use this character
SSF2: Really no main. I played mainly the Genesis version, and I experimented with many other characters.
SSF2T: Had a few, Ryu because he had the easiest super to pull off. But eventually I went back to Sim and Guile

SFA:  Charlie, was finally able to do j.hk, cr.lk, st.lk, fk.  Eventually learned his somersault super as well.   Also mained Guy and Sodom for awhile since I was a FFF (Final Fight Freak)

SFA2: Charlie, Dhalsim, Guy.
SFA3: Mainly stuck with Charlie and Sim, but experimented with most of the cast. Dropped Guy because of how difficult his execution was in the game.

SF3:NG:  Oro and Ryu.  Oro reminded me most of Sim, and Ryu was pretty familiar.  I didn't know parries were in the game until years later

SF3:2I: Only played it a handful of times, but I only really played Hugo
SF3:3s: Started out with Ryu, but didn’t like him. Played Urien,Hugo, and Q for most of the time I played the game. Then I sold out and started playing Chun-Li because I was tired of the bullshit in the game.

SF4:   Originally intended to use Sim, even posted on the Sim forums before the game came out.    But Sim felt limited and weird.  Guile felt a little more like his ST self, and I rolled with him despite his low tier status.

SSF4: Still stick mainly with Guile in competitive play.


I only play characters that start with R so I can combine their name with mine

PapeR. Mika

I lucked out with El Fuerte, since the spanish word for paper is “papel” and so I use the name

Papel Fuerte


SF2 - Ken is my favorite

SF3III - Ken

SSF4 - I guess I’m what you call a flowchart Ken


Here and there I play Ryu because he’s cool and familiar (always played him in SF2 when I was a kid).
SF3: Yun because he’s a Kung-Fu dude that has some cool moves. My favorite those from the air.
SFA: Rolento. I mean, he does FIIIYAAA! and can use his stick as a pogo-stick.
SFIV: Vega/Claw because I don’t like most shotos, his unique moves can be confusing and he was/is hard to master for me. I was trying to get a grip on Gouken because he looks cool and is really convincing as a master of the fighting arts. I mean, he stands up saying this fight might be interesting or something and then a wave of power just erupts from him!