Who do you Makoto players play in SF4?

So yeah, who do you main in SF4?

Personally I think I’ll main either Sakura or Ryu.

At first I didn’t really find anything that I enjoyed as much as Makoto but Sakura seemed like a good choice because she reminded me a bit of Makoto with her big damage combos “once you get in” type deals.

wtf capcom made a fourth sf?

i play akuma

Sagat and the occasional Sakura.

I play abel. hes kinda like makoto

Chun-Li. :stuck_out_tongue:

Both apply massive pressure on opponent’s wake up. Both have a corner situation. However, I’m still getting used to the charge motions, especially the down, up ones.

Chun Li since I played her in SF2. Played her less in 3s since she was OP but going back to her for now. Hopefully a future SF4 update will have Makoto.

I also kind of like Sakura too but iunno at least with a controller I have trouble getting D -> DF/B ultras/supers to go off every time so its annoying me. Might go back to her when I get a stick for 360.


Sakura and Dan. Vega and Cammy on the side.

Abel/sak and whoever i feel like, it’s hard the game is starting to bore me rofl.

I think a good portion of people are getting bored with sf4. I haven’t really played much lately.

Crimson Viper. Too bad she doesn’t come with the CHESTO! on her thunder knuckle ;[

No one. Lack of Makoto like characters infuriates and frustrates me. I surmised Fei would be similar but his command grab opposes karakusa as much as possible in terms of reliability.


And the height of Kros’ avatar and the costume Sakura is in there made me think it was a pic of Makoto in the game, an assumption which my mind - being sane, unfortunately - quickly discarded.


You don’t know how happy I would’ve been if Sak and Makoto were in 4. :frowning:

I wish she was in SF4


i play chun, and rose. occasionally ill dabble with el fuerte, but i’m an absolute makoto fan. BRING HER BACK!!!

I’m learning C. Viper right now. I think she’s the “closest” to makoto in that they have combos with ridiculously high stun. Of course they play differently, but both satisfying :smiley:

I mainly use El Fuerte, with Viper, Abel, and Seth tied for second, and everyone else third.

BISON!!! and some sakura and ryu

i play sakura and balrog
balrog just cause hes awsome
and sakura because she reminds me of makoto especially with her big stun combos and resets