Who do you recommend I should main next?


I’ve been playing SSFIV for a few weeks now, first starting with Cody but eventually switched to Rufus. Currently reached C+ for both characters (if that’s even a reference), but I still struggle against certain match-ups, including Balrog, Guile, Sagat, and smart/defensive Ryu or Ken players. I’ve tried experimenting with a few characters, but I’m not really sure who I should be learning to compliment my roster. I’m just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions? Just a couple details to mention:
[]I have the original SSFIV version, not AE. Meaning I can’t play as Evil Ryu/Oni/Yun/Yang.
]I use the PS3 controller, because I don’t have an arcade stick (duh) or where to buy one in the UK. So there’s a couple of characters I don’t like playing as because their moves/combos are uncomfortable to execute consistently, especially online.
Thanks for any advice in advance.



I bought my stick from there, they have limited choice but i got the Qanba Q4RAF 3-in-1 from there and its awesome.

I recommend you upgrade to AE personally, lots of rebalancing and what not

Also play whoever you feel like playing, every character can beat every other character if used well.

Failing that just go top tier and check out the SRK character guides :slight_smile:

Good Luck buddy


…there is only one character for you OP…

LEFT:encore: b[/LEFT]
LEFT:encore: i[/LEFT]
LEFT:encore: r[/LEFT]
LEFT:encore: d[/LEFT]
LEFT:encore: i[/LEFT]
LEFT:encore: e[/LEFT]





Pfffffft, £99.99 for a controller? Seriously? When I went to my closest CEX before, they had a pre-owned Tatsunoko vs Capcom arcade stick for only £18. (Wish I could’ve bought it, but I didn’t have money at the time.) Why the dramatic difference in price? Are they made out of ivory?

@w00denteeth: That face must dominate the tiers AND the screen.