Who do you Second

Sorry if this has already been covered in another thread,but i am fairly curious to find out which characters do you guys second to the big MAKOTO.
I my self play Sakura and a pretty piss poor guy!
Looking forward to your responses!

Main: Makoto
Sub: Sakura, Dan
Use frequently: Rose, Yang, Fei Long
Want to use, but always run away from after a match or two due to the dedication and set-ups needed: Hakan

I play Sakura second, which seems pretty common for Makoto players. I’ve been messin around with Akuma too.

Main: I want it to be changed to Makoto but it used to be Ibuki
Sub: Ibuki, honda, ken,rufus, and cammy

In Super my secondary was definitely Sakura, but now I barely play anybody but Makoto. I do sort of want to get back into Cammy (who was my main in Vanilla) and I still like Sakura, but I kind of don’t feel like playing anybody else anymore.

Ryu and T. Hawk. Ryu was my first main, and then I fell in love with Fei Long (before I knew that he was gonna be considered top-tier in AE! Honest!) from watching Mago play him. Once AE rolled around, I was like “huh, isn’t Makoto supposed to be good now? I loved her in 3s.” Then after trying her out it just sort of “clicked” and I switched. I stopped even subbing Fei Long afterwards because deep down it didn’t really feel like it was working for me (playing Makoto helped me realize this).

I’m thinking about trying Cody or Ibuki but really I’m not even good enough with Makoto to consider a sub.

Learning a sub will up your total game, I guarantee it.

Main: Makoto of course.

Scrubs…I mean subs: Dan for the shoto-esque gameplay. Played a super scruby Ken since SFII and every now and then I like to throw fireballs and dragon punches and I think Dan is the funnest way to do that these days, Ibuki - love the vortex though my execution is so bad that I don’t pull that off often. Has so many different tools that I forget about some of them during matches, Dhalsim - Love the keep away, mix up style game play. Have to admit started playing Sim recently after watching P.Champ playing Daigo.

Of course all my subs are horrible right now don’t play with them often, spend as much time as I can with Mak. I also get inspired to try out different characters from time to time, had a phase with Cody, Juri, Oni, and Sakura. I can’t really decide which one character I want to take the time and learn like I’m doing with Makoto right now.

Second: Makoto and Honda
Main: Vega

Who else?? Yun!!:tup:

Viper… But I keep wondering who I main and who I second.

Main: Makoto
Sub: Cammy, Evil-Ryu, Abel, Adon…
Although Cammy seems to be just as fun to play as Makoto for me right now.
Cammy helps me with my rush down while Evil-Ryu helps me with my zoning. You really gotta know the distances and range to have a decent Evil-Ryu IMO.

Makoto all day.

Then some Oni @ night. I mained viper in Vanilla so i can still play her, but not nearly as well. Also play Cammy, Seth, and Rufus.

I understand the character mechanics, I’ve done a BUNCH of the trials (I’m at 59% of trials complete currently for total.) I know I need to practice learning things like enemy footsie ranges better but ultimately I’m still new enough to the game (esp makoto) that I forget to utilize the majority of HER skills, much less taking on remembering all the inputs and ranges for a 2nd or 3rd character.

I want to at least get mildly proficient with Makoto before I take on a sub. My current ranked matches are 2 wins 19 losses.

I personally from experience came from a similar back ground and definitely think you should learn a different character as well.
The great thing about playing different characters is that you learn there strengths and weaknesses and just in general another style of play .
Which can really benefit you I.e for example i play Sim from time to time and that makes me ALOT more patient in footies and spacing.

Juri is my second, right behing Yang/Ibuki

Main : Makoto
Sub: C. Viper , Oni , Balrog
Sometimes: Akuma

Second: Pizza Beast Dudley
Main: Orange Dudley

Main: Makoto
Sub: Ken, both Twins, Akuma, E.Ryu