Who do you think is Hugo's hardest fight?

I think Hugo fairs well against the top tier characters because they are all fairly close range fighters. But a good Remy, damn. He makes me feel helpless man. I guess someone would have to be really good with parrying to beat him consistently.

Remy is ok. Well there are no easy fights for Hugo but if you can at least parry some of his LOVs then it’s not too much of a problem. Don’t try to parry every single one of those LOVs though, sometimes it’s best to just blk them.

Basically the only thing you can do is parry/blk his LOVs and walk up to him. And don’t try to jump in too much.

Well, at intermediate level play, Hugo has a few easy fights:

Particularly Makoto, Sean. Those guys can hit you and you can still reverse 360 them for more damage than they did to you. So Hugo clearly has an advantage there.

Then there are the “top tiers” such as Chun Li, Yun, Ken… who at least at my lower level of play are easy because all those characters have to get in close. Ken’s pokes have such a high start up that Hugo can easily throw him while he’s doing that… Yun has to get in your face to be effective and that makes him susceptible to throws. Plus he takes damage like a biatch and if you throw him while he is doing super art 3, that kills like half the bar for that… Basically, he can’t pressure Hugo as effectively as he can others because Hugo is made to reverse pressure. (It is the defensive characters that are rough…) Chun Li doesn’t have Hugo’s range, and Hugo’s air throw can grab her out of moves more easily than most characters… So Hugo isn’t that disadvantages against these guys. Some of these guys may have an advantage against Hugo but it is probably close… (Or at least it seems that way at my level of play…)

Ryu is hard because he is better at controlling distance than ken, plus he has that kick move that makes it really hard to jump in on him.

Akuma’s supposed to be a hard match up, but come on, you have to hit him like 2 or 3 times… The 720 move takes away 2/3rds of his life…

A guy like Dudley, it’s hard to say. He’s as strong as Hugo but he has to get in close… so there are still plenty of opportunities to throw… Plus Hugo certainly has an advantage in the poke game in terms of distancing…

Remy is impossible for me because a good Remy player can control distance at all times. Thus he can easily stay out of throw range for most of the fight. His moves have low recovery (which makes it hard to reverse), and if you knock him down Hugo can’t play his wake up games as effectively as against most characters because of Remy’s insane priority… Man, that mofo’s tough…

Oh yeah, it’s not like every Remy’s hard… It’s just that a good Remy can make me feel hopeless, like there’s no way (or almost no way) of winning that one…

I was reading a Remy thread on Hugo vs. Remy, and from their perspective, Hugo is strong when Remy is in a corner… The idea is to parry LOVs when you can, keep on moving forward and back Remy up in the cornor. Once there, it is Hugo that controls the space with his pokes and throws and such…

Someone over there basically said that Hugo is Remy’s easiest and hardest fight for this reason… When Remy is not in a corner, Hugo is easy but if he gets backed up Hugo has a severe advantage.

With Hugo you wanna watch out for the pokers & zoners like Remy, Necro, Oro, & also basically the trinity (Yun, Chun, Ken) you really don’t want to go for the grab to much against Remy even though thats what Hugos games is based around. I mainly try to wear him down with pokes of my own and maybe try going for some psychic grabs.

necro and oro are not bad vs hugo… jump splash owns them for free they can’t do shit but try to parry it other than that it stuffs their limbs and AA attacks

I’m still gonna say Akuma…what makes some of you assume you will ever 360 him? He can turtle and build meter , and once he has meter, you will need 7 successfully timed parries to jump in at him at all. Which leaves the ground game, where Akuma can easily punish the recovery of Hugo’s pokes with a low mk> lk tatsu>hp shoryu, which will hit regardless whether Hugo’s crouching or not, and at near max distance it connects as well. With quickstand + reversal teleport, Akuma never has to take Hugo’s cornering pressure, at all. All he has to do is wait. If Hugo is waiting back expecting the teleport, just sit in the corner and wait, there is nothing he can do to at that range. Once he tries to actually get close enough, Hugo will not be able to punish Akuma’s teleport except with a well timed Gigas, and I’ve seen that whiff more than a few times. Plus Akuma has the cross up jumping tatsu, which puts Hugo in a juggle set up, and is another way to escape the corner. Turtling Hugos get met by a meter building, turtling Akuma, rush down Hugos expose themselves enough to get hit by low mk>lk tatsu>fierce shoryu. You need to be able to parry damn near anything Akuma throws just to get in range for a 360, otherwise Akuma will simply not allow you to ever get in that range. An average Akuma can take down a good Hugo with very little hassle if he does this.

Q and Alex can give Hugo a hard time too.

vs akuma… don’t use gigas of course ur never gonna land it thats his worse fear… and akuma CAN’T juggle after a crossup hurricane kick only if it hits forward… i use akuma so i know this… you shouldnt be whiff that much with hugo… u wouldn’t throw out random c.rh’s with a shoto for nothing that leaves u open… i use sa2 or sa3 for akuma it stops his air hurricane kick if u time it deep and it stops his demon flip grab which is very effective vs hugo bleh… (sa3 has a vacuum effect that will pull em down to the ground if u time it right) use j.mp’s to stop his air game… jump with fp at max range… he can’t uppercut/fireball at this range. dash in after a blocked j.fp to close space

sa3 is perfect for akuma cuz when he teleports activate and run across the screen and catch him on his recovery… plus the bar is short so u should build meter before akuma does

sa3 is good vs Q catch him on his taunts if he does random taunts

c.mp owns uriens normals… sa3 him if he jumps in, u can sa3 on wake up vs reflectors… very very hard

vs alex look for stomps and parry/punish, if u see alex do a grab set up, 360 on reaction to counter his grab his grab sux

Just out-poke Alex. Hugo’s normals’ priorities are way higher.

Identity Crisis

When I play with Oro, it’s an annoying game of catch. Necro, it’s a tedious distance game. Alex, a school-yard brawl. Dudley, it’s a prizefight with honor on the line. Hugo, Hugo is a reckless killing monster, squashing anything with his mighty girth. It may sound excentric, but it helps me alot to attempt the mind set of these characters. Really, it does, I find my win rate increases when I am yelling along with Hugo, slamming down the arcade podium with each 360. That is what makes it so horribly difficult to use the rice rockets. I’m not going to fold my arms like I’m super cool the way Ryu does. And I most certainly will not stick out ‘peace’ fingers like the Engrish Ken. Next time you fellas are using Hugo try growling and roaring like the tower of muscle that represents you.

uh, okayyy, I’ll be sure to try that next time, anywho Hugo doesn’t have that much of hard time againt Gouki, if your able to land a few good grabs against him the match is pretty much yours. SAII against him is good if he’s spamming air fireballs, if their doing it really early in the air just parry and throw it out before they land,if their doing it deep, trying going for the invincibilty frame advantage watch out though cause that fire ball will bullshit you and hit you out of SAII anyways

Again, you guys have must not have even played an average Akuma, you will never be in 360 range if he plays it right.

yeah akuma should never lose to hugo if the akuma user is decent.


if you guys saw that vid Streak had on karathrow.com a while back, he called it “the longest 3s match ever” or something to that effect, Hugo beats an air fireballing whore of an Akuma :lol:. quite a funny match. long, but funny.


yes akuma can run from hugo but not forever… im telling u, j.fp catches akuma

You gotta mix up your game and keep the opponent guessing like with GPB into lk meat squasher or GPB then hesitate to see if opponent is expecting a meat squasher & jumps (easy SAII or SDBB), and that zankou spamming bastard had it coming.

Co-sign, almost. I wouldn’t say never, but you’ll be at a major disadvantage because, taking ONLY Akuma’s defense into account, like some of you are doing, we can conclude that every character would beast on him.

If you factor in speed and offense, however, it becomes extremely hard for slower characters, like Hugo, Q, and Alex, to ever hit Akuma.

SA3 would probably be best against Akuma. SA2= nothing to fear for Akuma, he can escape at will without jumping and with that super art there is nothing to ever stop him from teleporting, EVER…Live must’ve killed Akuma’s rep, the only air fireballing I ever do is a meaty straight up jump, or jumping backwards. Generally, all Akuma really has to do is walk back and build meter, until the corner situation comes around. No other shoto has the mobility options Akuma does. Usually if Akuma cheeses them, it’s not in his favor. Against most characters, once they become used to it, and even if they didn’t really expect it, they can dash up punish, or have long range moves quick enough to punish him. Hugo literally has nothing he can do about it, or at least nothing I’ve seen consistently stop him from doing it. My tactics sound very very cheesy, even to me, but the fact that they are effective and actually work just shows the weaknesses of Hugo, which never become more pronounced as they do against Akuma. Since I rarely jump in this matchup, most Hugo’s lose patience and jump in at me. Which leads to the 7 parry or else situation I brought up before. Also, if you see the shadows of Hugo superjumping early enough, Akuma’s KKZ is guaranteed(unparriable), Hugo’s slow jumping arc will land smack into it. KKZ will even beat Gigas if timed right.

how about vs hugo, a mirror match with hugo makes the screen looks more smaller and a thundering one too everytime when one jumps…it’s a tough one, a lot of s.mp, c.mk, and backbreakers…both avoids a close fight and parries because of the 360…