Who Do You Think Is The Most Deadly Character in SSF4 AE 2012?


(Besides Viper of course. Lol.)
I would say Gen… he is no doubt very hard to master, and he is not very controller friendly, but I’ve seen ridiculous Gens. His ability to change fighting styles makes him nearly immortal. It’s actually really entertaining. This Gen is INTENSE. His inputs, constantly switching between Crane and Mantis is amazing.
I’ve seen so many people saying he’s a really bad character. That is so stupid. -_- They consider whoever they suck with, a bad character. lol idiots
Anyway, who do you think is most deadly, if mastered?


he is xian from crosscounter who recently beat daigo.



I would say Gen also. That disease he has seems pretty deadly.


Wait.The Gen player lost like 4 times lol.


I’m going to be a little biased here and say Juri is the most dangerous character in SSF4 AE. She has got nothing but buffs from every update, and has huge damage output. I would say Juri is difficult to use effective considering her unsafe specials and frequently spammed/punished “dive” kicks, but if somebody really practices her, and more specifically her flexible fireball and zoning game, she’s amazing. Kinda like what you mentioned with Gen. Plus nobody uses her and thus people don’t know the match up as well as they should.

Although to be fair I think every member of the cast has the potential to be incredibly deadly. It all depends on whose behind the controller…or fight stick or whatever.


I’d like to see a “Master” Juri player, too.

I’d have to agree with Gen, though. He’s “That” character that is really unexplored. The SRK Gen community is still finding tons of new “Tech” such as a few weeks ago it was discovered that Gen has some downright unfair unblockables against Guy in the corner, even Amiyu (Arguably the best Gen in the world) Said he feels dirty using it.

2 sets of Normals make for a very deep character, Coupled with Oga and all that other shit, I really think the world has only tapped about 50% of AE Gen.


Yeah I could see why you’d say that. I recently fought a 4000PP Juri. I never lost so fast in my life. The pressure was ridiculous. I did not know what to do. lol plus her wheel kick has so much range and so hard to punish without getting hit.


Nobody uses her? I play Juris all the time, mainly the flowchart ones though


How do you flowchart Juri? Other than [“Are you alive?” - Yes -> “Divekick!”] in the 300PP area, I’m not really sure how that would work?


If by “deadly” you mean damage output, I feel as though Dudley & Honda & E.Ryu got some massive deadly moves.


Gen is definitely near the top as “deadliest if mastered”… another char that i think would be a real nightmare to face is Ibuki. She have strong points in many aspects of the game and can put up pressure even at mid-range. A truly mastered one wouldn’t give you the time to breath…


Ibuki is pretty deadly…


Is this some lore discussion? Or tier discussion? Or what exactly do you ask? Who deals the most damage? Who the scariest character is? Who the strongest character is? I can’t really follow.


Lurk the forum more before you post please. We understand there are some dirty characters but there is tier list thread for a reason.


This is a thread based on opinion. I don’t even believe in tiers.


Soo… this is a thread where you ask people to randomly guess who is the strongest character, because you deem that more efficient than looking at tools and matchups?


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I don’t believe in this thread