Who do you think plays [character] the best?

Dark Phoenix: Clockwork
Wolverine: Justin Wong
Zero: Marn
Wesker: Viscant
Spencer: Combofiend
Ryu: Chris G
Storm: AndyOCR
Sentinel: everybody

I’m having a hard time picking between Filipino Champ and Masta CJ for the best Dormammu. Probably if someone put a gun to my head I’d have to say Filipino Champ for his more solid fundamentals, but CJ has some really sick teleport setups, plus he makes extremely good use of cross-up jump H/S’s.


Filipino Champ has the best Sentinel. His Sentinel moves like MvC2 sentinel. I’d also argue he has the best Phoenix as well. Tatsu also has the best X23 and Richard Nyugen has the best Dante.

Yeah I was considering putting Tatsu for either X23 or Deadpool, but I haven’t seen that many of either of those characters in comparison.

Also, Richard Nguyen has an impressive Dante, but it doesn’t stick out to me as the best. There are other people who make Dante work pretty well too.

FChamp has the best of every character he plays

except Doctor Doom

and maybe Magneto

but his Magneto is definitely up there

Champ definitely has the best Phoenix/Dark Phoenix.

Well some of these choices are won by default such as MarlinPie’s Viper since he’s one of the few that plays Viper.

I hope to eventually enter the new challenger field on that one KissBlade. XD

There are a lot of Viper players, just because you don’t see them on the stream doesn’t mean they dont exist, or aren’t good.

I love how no norcal peeps are listed…

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Hey. don’t get me wrong. I think you play Viper really well because your mindgames are definitely a lot smarter than MarlinPie’s IMO. But his combos just convert into so much damage … X_X

@ Paper, well I’m only basing it off who I think and unfortunately I don’t see many other players. =) I’m sure there are a lot of good players for any character.

I watched some of Filipino Champ’s vids, the most recent ones I watched being the Starbase thing, and I dunno, his play didn’t really blow me away or anything. No doubt he looks like a great player, and he did have a nice mobile Sentinel, but nothing really stood out to me.

TBH I would say Chrisis is better because he is more proficient with his over all play. MarlingPie just goes nuts.

This thread is going to end up being a popularity contest though.

i can’t even really choose between good dante’s. but i would probably say top 2 imo is richard and andre. i’m pretty damn sure there are more stylish dante’s out there.

Dark Phoenix: Clockwork -> Relatively no contest here. Viscant and F. Champ are the only others in the discussion, but F.Champ’s Phoenix looks like nothing more than any Phoenix you might run into online. Only difference is he hits his combos.

Wolverine: Justin Wong - Easy

Zero: Marn -> By Far

Wesker: Viscant - Definitely

Spencer: Combofiend -> Not much choice here, but a dam good choice here nontheless.

Ryu: Chris G -> Same situation as Spencer. Not much choice.

Storm: AndyOCR -> Oddly enough, another situation where there’s not much choice.

Sentinel: Rex0r -> With so many users, hard to find a standout. Rex0r stood out last night :slight_smile:

Iron Man: Flash Metroid

Dante: Atashiwa -> Watch him play. Not the hottest on the defensive side of things, but he gets in solo and gets real creative with Dante. Oh… he’s pretty consistent bold canceling online too (lolwut?). Richard Nguyen is the only other mentionable here. Most promising “on the come up” Dante is Twisted Jago imo.

Chris: Atashiwa -> Simply put, watch him play. Hopefully he pops onto the tourney scene as well. I think he’s coming to Evo.

Tron: Clakey D -> Riiiidiculous.

Doom: Clockwork -> Well… seems to me like he applies less effort to him now that he’s found Phoenix. But I’ve still yet to to see one definitively better.

Amaterasu: X-Ray -> You’ll see…

Akuma: Tokido -> Tokido has long ago dropped Akuma, yet, is still the best actual Akuma player I’ve seen. Everyone else’s Akuma looks either largely the same, or like an assist character.

Trish: Twisted Jago -> Not a whole lot of competition, but what competition there is isn’t even close imo.

Magneto: Yipes -> I might be being a fanboy, but even if I am, he’s one of the top Magneto players regardless.

X-23: Tatsujinken-> If you havn’t seen it, be warned, might make you want to pick up X-23.

C. Viper: MarlinPie -> Highlight reel. Epic.

Lol…Um…Jago’s Trish is Nowhere near the best lmao…

As far as the other characters, Yea…

Well then do tell… who’s is? Because the only Trish player showing up at all on any important part of any kind of tourney brackets for the most part is Jago.

umm no offence to Richard Nguyen suggestors but i think he has the most STYLISH dante but i think others have more EFFECTIVE dante’s…Jwong also gets best nod for she hulk…i think im also gonna give best thor to jwong too, best hulk goes to mike ross…ALL left over charecters go to trag for execution ability lmao

examples: 10 stars Josh Wong Jago

yipes’ magneto is still pretty damn good, too.