Who do you use? And who you would like to learn?

As for me, I main Akira. But would like to learn Jean, Sarah, Eileen and Lei Fei. I know Jean a little, but the other 3, I have no idea really lol. I like their fighting styles the best.

Akira was the first character I learned when I staryed back in VF5, and I never really strayed away from him. I used Eileen some, but she has totally changed (imo) in FS. So I don’t know her like I used to. She just has a lot more stuff, so I was like, “ehh, don’t want to re learn her” lol. But she’s a fun character and has some cool outfits.

Might as well throw Jacky in the mix too. He’s as slick as they come and reps that Jeet Kun Do fighting style well. Lots of fast moves, can hit you from a lot of different angles, and is smooth while doing it. Has lots of traits, but man that dude is crazy in the right hands. He seems good at getting in and out too.

Sometimes, just watching people use other characters on stream or in game makes me want to pick them up. It’s a shame more people don’t play this. It’s really fun once you get the gist of the system.

Kage and Jacky.

I’d like to learn Shun Di, Lei Fei, and Sarah. And I agree, this is a very fun game and one of my favorite 3D fighters for sure.

Lei Fei main, but I’ve been playing Jean a little bit. I like that he has a lot of moves that can be delayed, plus his throws are badass.

Yea man. Lei Fei seems pretty awesome, but his move list is like “cheese n rice!”. So much. I give props to any Lei Fei player. From beginner to expert. That dude has all kinds of stuff going on. Take so long to learn him, but you can really style on cats once you get the hang of some of his stuff.

I think my next target is going to be Sarah. I like using her ‘on hit’ moves, and how she does work with her kicks. Plus she doesn’t seem so complicated lol. She feels pretty straight forward.

And yea, Jean has some dope throws. I like his one from the side (I think it’s from the left side) where he knees em in the head for the final blow. His ‘on hit’ moves are always a pleasure to land too.

I dislike Shun, lol. I’m just kiddin :slight_smile:

While I concentrate on Lei Fei, who I like just for general Shaolin badassery, I take a liking to pretty much all of the other characters. But most particularly, I like Vanessa, El Blaze, and Aoi. I also have positive feelings about Brad, Jean, Goh. and Lau.
I really like how every character feels different. I’m always experimenting.

I don’t know who I use yet. I guess I’m having a character crisis or some bullshit like that. I’d just like to learn the game better before I make a decision about a character.

i use pai, eileen, el blaze, jacky, vanessa, kage, lei fei
i would like to learn akira and aoi they seem to be amazing in the game :slight_smile:

I mainly use Aoi, Eileen and Pai are my sub characters, I’m trying to learn Goh.

I main Jacky, but after seeing Drunken Master, I needed to get my drink on and learn Shin-Di!!!

Akira is pretty much on top, Aoi not so much. She’s decent, but playing her “straighforward” won’t get you as far as with some other characters. She can counter/parry just about everything, but her strike game is a bit lacking. You have to be a little tricky to use her correctly.

Akira is a goddamn meat plow with some scary damage off of safe stuff like super dash elbow and single palm. He has about five (I think) guard breakers, some of which guarantee damage. Really his only downsides are the nature of his inputs and that his strike game is super linear (but he still has a decent throw game).

El Blaze. Lucha is too strong, especially from the previous versions.

Learning Jacky because, as mentioned before, he is the slickest. Also replaying the older VFs since the system clicked with me once I started trying and I need an OG.

Kage, mainly because I have an alt for him in FS as Joe Musashi from the original arcade Shinobi, and again, need someone else to use in older VFs that span the series.

Past characters

VF2- Jacky

Vf3 - Lau

VF4 - Lau

VF4:EVO - Aoi

VF5 series - El Blaze

I like the entire cast though.

I main wolf but since I’m starting to get the hang of him already I think I wanna move on to Akira and once I learn him , move on to Kage

I main Brad, but I had my eye on Jean since he’s a Karate user, and that’s what I know IRL.

I main Akira Yuki!He is very powerfull if you get into his style!
I wold like to learn Kage Maru.He seems pretty awesome!