Who do you use as a secondary to Balrog?

If you know someone has got your Balrog’s number, or you just get tired of padding your wallet with that fight money who do you slide to?

I really wanted to be able to use E. Honda but even after practicing the rub and the dial until my hands started cramping, I can’t consistently do the instant HHS. I’m strongly leaning towards Vega but the frustration that will come with that doesn’t look so appealing.

Akuma, but I’m going to give 'gief a serious go once I nail his BnB and Ultra setups.

Balrog doesn’t really NEED a secondary, but if there was no rog I would play Honda. I play him casually and he is really fun. If he had jab headbutt from HDR he would probably be my main. As it is, I can’t stand having almost no answer to basic fireball traps.

I use akuma also im not really good with anyone else.

I use Akuma as a secondary. :smiley:


If im playing seriously i just play boxer but if i want to fuck around i just pick random

Ryu and Fei long…

I want to get good with Abel hes a cool character but confusing

I secondary Akuma and I’m working on Chun-Li.

i mainly play rog but occaisonally ill whip out the fat man and tear it up.(aka rufus)

i play honda as a secondary because he’s fun. his matchups are worse across the board so it’s not like he covers for rog’s problems or anything.

I use viper as a secondary, but i’m contemplating seriously taking up dan.

I use Rufus as a secondary

no one. focusing on rog is more than enough for me.

No one really. I am strictly a Balrog player, I guess maybe Guile. Lol nah.

Abel. His moves are so flashy. TT, Heartless, Souless, and even EX Falling Sky look to cool to pass up. His execution is tight and combos are difficult but when you hit someone with them its very satisfying.

I use seth only for geif… Because I hate the gief matchup as rog with a passion :slight_smile:

I use rog for everyone else

i have to differ i think the balrog vs. geif match is easy as hell for balrog, standing jab, jumping fierce and cr. roundouse are all u need…well mostly

it is only easy when you play bad players. that matchup is for sure in giefs favor. whether it’s slight or major depends on who you talk to.

If the gief knows the matchup then it’s is very difficult. You basically make one mistake and you have a hell of a difficult time recovering from it. I always struggle once he scores a knockdown, and before I know it, i’m dead :slight_smile: