Who does Level 2 C-Groove canceling the best?


You know how in C-Groove you can cancel a Level 2 super combo into a special move or a Level 1 super combo?

I just wanted to know which characters do it best. And which super combos are best when canceling.

Personally, I like doing it with Kyo. Do a Level 2 Final Showdown and then cancel into a Level 1 Serpent Wave. It causes unbelievable damage. You could also replace the Level 1 Serpent Wave with Fire Ball or Crescent Slash in case you don’t have any more power in your meter.

So, any other strategies you guys have?


Damn! That Guile level 2 Total Wipeout into level 1 Sonic Hurricane is way too crazy!!!


Sorry about that Guile move. I just realized that Sonic Hurricane is level 3 only. Doesn’t work in arade mode. Only in training.

My bad.


How about Geese? L2 Rising Strom XX L1 Rising Storm = Much pain and suffering (oh, and damage, too :D)

BTW: I am not responsible for wrists broken attempting to perform the pretzel, not once, but TWICE!:lol:


I definitely need to try this one. Sounds painful.


Yamazaki…RS into level 1 anti air super…does nice damage…and Sagat Tiger raid level 2 into level 1 fireball super low or high…



Heh, heh,… man! Rugal has one of the best Lv.2 cancels in the game, and his God Press is downright scary because it eeeeasily sets it up for him. Basically, if you have somebody in the corner, you can do a Lv.2 Genocide Heaven and cancel it with an Air Dark Smasher. Then right when you land, you can juggle with a Lv.1 GH for more damage.

If you were to jump in with a fierce comboed into a forward and buffer that into his Fierce God Press to land the Lv.2 cancel, you’d normally deal almost 90% damage off of one combo on even ratios (in R4 vs. R4 matches, you’d do around 60%). It’s simply astounding. The damage percentage recorded in Training Mode is well over 11000, and if you actually get all hits in from both Genocide Heavens you deal over 12000. And that’s just slightly more damaging than my main A-Groove CC with Rugal. If you don’t think you can land the whole combo, you can at least do over 50% just by RCing the God Press and you know the rest.



Athena (corner):

Lv 2 phoenix arrow (knee level start)-(just as she finishes)-> into a rising uppercut–> lv 1 shining crystal…

Athena (non corner):

same as above…exclude the uppercut.


Lv 2 rush…into a lv 1 sumersault attack

Cammy (corner)

Lv 2 cannon arrow–>cancel into dive kick (missed)–>lv 1 rising arrow…

will name more…just tired right now.


With ken,do a super dragon punch lv 2, then wen he is almost finish then immediately do his roll move,then dragon punch with the lp version,then immediatly do the lv 1 rising dragon punch special(only works in corner)does more than half the vitality bar.Hit meeh up if u want mo combos.


Speaking of the pretzel, how do you guys practace that command? I dont have a joystick at home and only can make it to the arcade a few times a month.


The best way to do it, is to learn it, practice is the only way… there are tricks that people will try and give you, but you’re more likely to screw up the motion and end up doing something useless (picture someone jumping in with a roundhouse, you try and take a shortcut through the Rising Storm, and end up throwing out a Reppuken and eating a counter-hit :(). You just have to practice the motion so you can do it the way it’s meant to be done, everytime, there’s no simple way to learn it.


iori: command grab, s.mp, s.towards+mp, lvl 2 maiden masher, lvl 1 maiden masher

command grab, s.mp, s.towards+mp, lvl 2 maiden masher, lvl 1 pillar super

Terry:lvl 1 buster wolf, lvl 2 buster wolf, burn knuckle

if u time it right u can hit the qcb+k in the air during cammy’s cancel


How can that possibly work? lvl 1s dont cancel and by the time the first buster wolf is over the opponent is airborn.

Ill stick to j.roundhouse, s.fierce, lvl 1 buster, lvl 1 power geyser, burning knuckle.

My fav c-groove cancel combo is ken’s lvl 2 shorureppa xx punch roll, lp shoryuken, lvl 1 shinryuken.

someone already said it tho.


A better C-Groove combo for Terry is, level 1 buster wolf, level 2 power geyser, whiff burn knuckle (I forget which strength), power dunk. Hella damaging!


You know that there’s already a thread on this right? With all this stuff already posted? It’s like right below here.


the lvl2 powergeiser doesnt work unless you have flawless timing, somthing i lack.


how bout blanka’s lvl2 super with the" kick button" do the super make sure u hit him in the air for more damage then when he comes down he will be hit some more and at the last hit form that super cancell it into the down+up ,RH vertical ball…the tyming is hella hard…you will kno when u got it cuz its about 5hits maybe 6but it does good damage especially on counter hit (ex. when someone come in with a jumping RH or some type of air move)

or raiden super where he does does strings of moves and end it with the shoulder tackle…after the shoulder tackle hits cancel into another shoulder tackle…its does almost half damage on ratio 2…i have more but thats it for now!!