Who doesn't like 3D fighters?


I don’t understand the appeal of 3D fighters. I like Soul Calibur 1 & 2, but after that everything looks very samey. The problem I have with 3D fighters is that they claim to be realistic and offer deep strategy, but in reality they’re based more on MVC or Guilty Gear where it’s all about launching your opponent once and doing your little combo and you take off 75% or so of their Health. Only Guilty Gear was more tactical, and in MVC 2 there was no instant-kill combo unless you set them up in a specific way with a certain char, or juggled with full bars with Cable, Sentinel, Juggernaut, etc. The only difference are ring outs which are the only thing really interesting to me, in that there is a way for an instant win but it’s about luck and perfect timing.

Aside form that; characters in 3D fighters offer almost no personality (excluding Soul Calibur) and there’s nothing really impressive going on in the fights. There’s nothing exciting about them for the most part. You’re not going to see a Daigo-like comeback video in a 3D fighter when it’s based on 1 hit ring outs or you get that one juggle that leads to instant kill combo.


Thread of the Year, and it only took 10 months.


SC1,VF1 & 2 and Fighters Destiny are the only 3d fighters I’ve ever liked. Fuck Tekken and all the others.



Didn’t you just make a horrible thread about “why do scrubs like shotos?” You should be banned from making threads because this shit is horrible. It’s like asiking “why do you like first person shooters more than 3rd person?” It’s just because they do, its all opinions. Are you trying to be persuaded into liking 3d fighters, or are you trying to max out that red rep bar?


I kinda feel obligated to sick Thanatos on the op but sadly I left my evoker at home, sorry guys… (good shit to whom gets the reference)


Mace: The Dark Age, SON!



(I need to beast FES and buy 4.)


[media=youtube]M4l0ZyKmeNE&feature=related"[/media] Its serious business!


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IIT: MvC2 and Virtua Fighter are one in the same?


Who doesn’t like Dr. B?