Who else compares their button presses to musical notation?

let’s say i’m doing a combo in a street fighter game…its a little harder to keep up in GG but what i do is pretend like i’m reading tablature to keep timing. i’ll imagine that each line of the tab is a different button. i don’t imagine a line for the joystick motions as this is easier for me. every button i press is like playing a note. i’ll use a standard 4/4 count and it makes it easier to time correctly. 1 e & a 2 e & a 3 e & a 4 e & a. for a dial-a-combo i might count 1 on the first button press, 2 on the second, & on the 3rd, 3 on the 4th press (if that is the correct timing for said combo). 1—2-&-3. i hope this makes sense. i guess it is just drumming carrying over to my playing. it helps out so much and isn’t hard to do.

rhythm is a feelin bra

Hmm, that’s interesting. I actually thnk more of a triplet feel when I’m playing SF though if i were playing dial a combo MK game, then 8th notes would be more appropriate.

Probably just you and all those goofballs into those tech death metal bands with no recognizable time signatures.

i do. god bless neil peart.

Sounds like you need to play F/UC. That game’s like IIDX!

I time my button presses in syncopated rhythms. I play a lot of jazz in real life, so it just transferred to my button presses.

i play some jazz as well. i don’t always do 4/4. my mind is programmed to think in many different time sigs. it is more of what i’m feeling at the very moment i start a match. i listen to lots of different types of music with time changes and lots of syncopation which i think helps me.

As someone who got into gaming long before I got into anything else (like music) I actually do it the other way around.

Whenever I do things I treat them in gaming notation, most notably fighting games.


I played the piano a lot when I was a kid, and that’s more or less how I press my arcade buttons. Lots of staccato notes, haha.

When I first started learning combos, I initially tried thinking of button-press timing in terms of fractions so that I only really had to measure/memorize the speed between the first and second button presses; I suppose I had musical timing in mind when I did that. I quickly abandoned it, though, as I discovered that most of the time intervals were way too sensitive and imperfect to be broken down into simple ratios of each other.

I still like to drum rhythms to the game music on my buttons between rounds, though! :smile:

This thread delivers :rofl:

I think MvC2 deals with a lot of precise timing and rhythm as well.

For what it’s worth, I named the “Score” window score in my Execution Aid program after musical score (it displays the input directions scrolling across the window to get a sense of the input timing; you can record and playback inputs while training yourself on the timing and accuracy).