Who else got hosed by red rock security?

so yeah, they came up to my room for noise complaints 3 times, 3rd time we were just trying to sleep and the manager and her thugs came by. luckily i swooned the old bat with my charming good looks and she went away

They never got me but the lady at Starbucks randomly asked me for ID when it was clearly still an hour before the 9:00 curfew for people under 21. I had these like 2 random milfs hittin on me at the same time n stuff. It was cool. Milfs + Vegas = too good. I’m still thinkin bout that one at the arcade. She had an eye for me. :tup:

Next year is my 21st so I’ll actually be able to do something other than play games! WOOT! :looney: Yet…I’ll need to focus on some games fo sho after my dissapointing performance at Vegas.

Me, korngo, AnthonEEEzy, Crizzle, See Jay, and Erik Jizzownz got fucking harrassed by those faggots. I was pissed when i had to have someone 21 to buy me food? fuck that curfew shit. Also, the lady with big breasts that carries the drinks, she asked for my ID too…Didn’t know she could be security too X_X. Honestly, Green Valley > Red Rock, 'nuff said.


I don’t think all the security is specific to Red Rock… Since Evo 2005 at Green Valley, there’s a new law in Vegas that anyone under 21 can’t be in a casino without a parent or guardian after 9pm. So it’s not really so much that Red Rock security sucks as it is that it sucks that there’s a new law that has to be enforced by all casinos in Vegas.

Rattana and Cody got carded six times one night - it was hilarious. Eventually they succumbed and got the “of age” wristbands.

I felt like a bitch telling people to be quiet during the 6127 money matches, but about ten minutes after most people left, security stopped by. It’d be realllllly nice to be in a hotel with actual soundproof walls. One of the best parts about EC/WC peeps playing money is that everybody is hype. :sad: Erik’s whispered enthusiasm - a very quiet “fuck him up!” - was hilarious but sad.

Hell, we were on the casino floor playing the $25 dollar slots (Hevad is a beast) and got told to be quiet. WTF? I would have thought they wanted people to be excited when they’re gambling.

Twice, cuz im underaged.

Wow… I was only hassled by security once and I seriously look like I’m 12 or something. Even THEN it was enough for me to just say, “yeah, I’m 21.” They didn’t insist I back it up with ID. Even better was that there were a couple people with me that actually were underage, but apparently the 12 year old saying she’s 21 is good enough.

I’m 21 though. Really, I swear.

I got carded like 5 times in one night.

Yeah I had to go get ppl food a couple times as well as being in the same room as thyallmighty when security had it out for us. Quite a few on the floor were assholes but not to the point it bothered me that bad.

i got a warning :sweat:

first night there we go get our snakes on a plane tickets and stop at fatburger and find out i gotta be 21 to order a fuckin burger what the hell

when you are playing some cheap nickel slots, do not ask for an orange juice…they will card you :sad:

After waiting in line to order a sandwich at the sandwich shop, the guy who makes the sandwiches cards me. WTF. I waiting so long and then was denied that shit. Fuck that nastiness.

me, flashmetroid and jan from tx got hassled for going out on the casino floor. we couldn’t buy fucking food at 10 pm wtf man. we were pissed

From what a friend told me, Red Rock is very uptight about that whole curfew thing, they basically don’t want teens there. Stupid shit like this:

Orleans and Texas (both casinos) never seem to have that problem, basically security there dosen’t seem to care all that much from what I saw.

DevilJin: Care to elaborate on those milf stories :wink: :wgrin:

like chunk said, that fucking fat black cocksucker hella talked shit to us. then he sent everyone back to the room but me, and started to talk more shit to me. he even started to call the cops 'cause i didn’t have my I.D. on me. talking about some bullshit like i have to spend a night in jail. fucking fag.

thank god for the bitch who talked him out of calling the cops and getting me locked up. but then the fat fucker FOLLOWED ME or should i say “escorted” me back to my room so i can show him my BAGS. WTF!!! and it was kinda funky at first, 'cause i left my bag in my homie crizzle’s car. so i had to pick out a random ass bag. then they asked me to open it, and asked what’s in it. i had pull out someone’s random ass shorts to “prove” it was “my” bag.

preppy, yeah, that was kinda booshie, too. (not you, just we had to be quiet). you had the EC getting HYPE, and you had the WC getting HYPHY. but no, we got kakblocked by beezy ass security. =[

i pray next evo is in a hotel where they put all gamers on one floor so no one can bitch. i. fizzling. pray.

Yeah the security guards were cocksuckers.

^-- QFT! Next year we really need them to get us a block of rooms nearby each other, please please please. Was that something they did? They should definitely do that. I don’t know who was complaining to hotel security, but you guys were a hell of a lot quieter than the jackhammers they had running next to my room in the mornings. :lol:

I had a drink in my hand most of the time (in the tournament hall, on the casino, rooms, etc). I was that Filipino kid in the hat drunk on the floor in the middle during the finals and who fell asleep during CvS2. Just get alcohol and carry it around like you own it and they don’t seem to bother lol.


They are just doing their job. Shouldn’t get mad about that.