Who else has trouble with weird d-pad movements?

Just a quick background: I played SF2, Turbo, SSF2, Alpha, and Alpha 2 when I was 7-10 years old, back in the day. More than a decade has passed and, after seeing SF4 trailer, I got back on SF2 Turbo.

As you can tell by my name, I am a fan of Guile. Partly because I am more able to adapt to his defensive style of play. And partly because some of the other characters special moves are tricky to do. Ken/Ryu/Sagat’s Shoryuken/Tiger Uppercut, Sagat’s Tiger knee, and Zangief’s piledriver come to mind. I simply can’t execute those maneuvers on the keyboard. Is it easier to do them on D-pads?

Yes, and even easier to do on arcade sticks once you get used to it.

I don’t issue with the movement, but the ps3 (any playstation) controller’s screw hole in the back, burns my finger and puts a sore on it; quite annoying.

I’m a Chun-Li player, and doing her Super with spot on speed is impossible for me on a pad. I end up just playing without her doing a super at all. Which hurts her options offensively and defensively.

Once my joystick gets here, I’m never using a pad again. Even if it breaks and I have to make one with my bare fucking hands.

Arcade sticks are your friends. Fuck pads and keyboards.

what about the analog stick(s)?

Those are worst then the d-pad.

I actually tried out the logitech gamepad sitting in the closet that I forgot about. Both the circular D-pad and the stick. I have slightly less trouble pulling off shoryuken’s and the like, but its still very hard and I still fail to execute it 80% of the time. But my biggest problem is accidentally jumping when I’m just trying to change directions rapidly. I bet I would run into the same problem on a fight stick.

This is a big reason why Shotos are popular with people who started playing Street Fighter on the SNES days. Their movements are far easier to pull off with consistency on a pad than Charge characters.

Playing Guile, Chun, Blanka or Honda or heaven forbid 'Gief on a pad is just insane.

Characters like Fei Long and DeeJay never stood a chance just due to the difficulty in pad maneuvers. Sure, dedicated people today have adjusted, but it just was a pain back then.

I think that’s why the Shoto archtype is so popular today, while old arcade players end up going for less typical choices.

In any iteration of street fighter, i’ve never pulled off guile’s flash kick super with a d-pad. I did it once with an analog. I can pull it off consistently on an arcade stick. Whyyyyyy am i too poor to buy an arcade stick for 360?!?! T_T

I’ve been using a d-pad for a while now and have been advised time and time again to switch to a joystick. I’m pretty good with the pad, but I realize there are some things I simply can’t do consistently.

Examples are 360s. I’ve been trying to use chars with 360 moves not just in sf2, but in sfa3. No matter how much I practice, I can never rely on it to get out a 360 move when I want it to on a pad. Is using a pad holding me back and would it be much easier to use an arcade stick not just in terms of 360s, but overall gameplay? (fei long rekkas, pretzel motion supers like chuns air kick super in a3, magic series inputs, etc. etc.)

Also some recommendations for joysticks would be nice. Thx.

Yes but it will take a little bit of time to adjust from pad to stick.

HRAPs, Virtua Stick High Grade (lol).

I want to let an apparently little known secret about Guile’s super known as much as I can.

When the game inputs see,
charge-:db:, :df:, :db:, :uf:+:k:

it’s only actually LOOKING for
charge-:db:, :df:, :db:, :u:+:k:

Notice the last little bit is different?

OK, so this means, you can do this and have the super come out.

charge-:db:, :df:, ,:d:, :db:, :l:, :ub:+:k:

So basically, I’m going to charge :db:
then start from :df:, and do a reverse tiger knee motion.

The super will work from there, and it will work from there in every game with the input (alpha games)

the timing to kara attacks now to get it to combo is with the back, USUALLY.

I’ve done it a few times with this in mind, but it might actually work differently.

charge-:db:, :df:, ,:d:+:lk:, :db:+:lk:, :l:+:lk:, :ub:+:hk: