Who else here likes insects?

I’m partial to praying mantises, centipedes, grasshoppers and crickets myself.

I just love how stiff and linear they look as opposed us more rounded mammals.

the only insect i could stand being within a 10 metre radius with is one fruit fly

Praying mantids are one of the coolest products of evolution ever produced. It’s insane to know that their common ancestors are cockroaches.

FYI- Centipedes aren’t insects.

I like watching those Japanese bug fight vids. Otherwise fuck bugs

^ this

I videotape insects, the footage comes out pretty good

Av + post = good combo

Today, while smoking a J of some fabulous cush I acquired from a nice Philipino man shortly before, I was watching some insects by the river and I started to think: if the world of insects were a fighting game, what would the tier list look like?

I figured, pound for pound (or mg for mg in this case) ants and spiders* would be pretty close to top tier. Ants have that sick armor, and very fast ground speed. Ants with wings are just broken tier. Ground game AND flight? Domination. Spider has speed as well, but what they lack in armor they dish out in damage. Not just instant damage, but that DOT shit. Not to mention the web traps… that shit is tight.

But is mg for mg a fair way to rate them? No. We have to weigh their value by actual size.
Because of this, I place Wasp very high. They got the flight (with near-instant startup), crazy damage, and VERY good armor. Above all, they’re bigger than a good number of insects**.

Mantis is boss. He’s established as top tier. If he hits you once, he can just combo 'til you’re KO’d. Plus he has flight, AND camoflauge, AND mad range… so good luck getting the first attack.

Millipede is a turtling character. He’s interesting because even though he cant dish damage to any insect with armor, he himself has possibly the best armor in the game. He takes no chip damage, and his super is the curl-up where he’s just invulnerable until time-out.

Scorpions are also definitely high-tier. They have no anti-air, but its no biggie because they got rediculous armor. They rape on ground, so they just work on zoning and as soon as you’re in that zone you’re done. Why? Hyper-TAILSPIKE. Basically the Bionic Arm of this game, with added DOT and paralysis. Yeah, its almost OP.

  • Yes, spiders arent insects technically, but nobody cares in this case
    ** In this case, we’re only including North American insects, because they’re familiar

i wish the mosquitos this summer were playing more keepaway and less rushdown

i think the rhinoceros beetle is the strongest creature on the planet weight for weight, being able to lift 1000x its weight or something like that. BROKEN

Really? I wasn’t aware of that.

Are they arachnids like spiders, scorpions and the like?


Also, does anyone know how venemous centipedes are to humans? Maybe it was millipedes that I liked instead…

scorpions have no anti air? then what the hell is that spiked thing in the back of them

Back to arachnids for a second, all I have to say is…damn. Yeah, everyone knows about camel spiders by now, but watch one devour a gecko.

Insects are semi interesting, but I hate cockroaches so much.

They are arthropods that belong to their own group entirely. That group also includes millipedes.

They’re all delicious!

In the Insect Game, I’d go with the wasp. That’s superior speed/agility with some degree of armor and a stinger weapon that can be used repeatedly…unlike those unfortunate honeybees that sting once and die as a result. Haha, Mother Nature kinda screwed the bees over with that. The wasp is clearly the superior, evolved version. Also, I’ve never noticed them getting caught up in a spiderweb… I’m guessing they’re probably strong enough to break out of there every time. Oh, and I just remembered the legendary video someone posted of 30 or so large hornets (eh, like the big bro upgraded form of the wasp) killing an entire hive of bees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDSf3Kshq1M <—cue the Unreal Championship commentator-- “DOMINATING.”

Low tier shit–> the cicadas. They have no good weaponry, and they are mostly hollow to allow for a greater sound… they also suck at flight, and apparently have poor eyesight.

*Want a game where you can see and kill giant bugs?! Get on that EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: Insect Armageddon, folks! Get that and EDF: 2017 (if you can find it) right away. Hell yeah I took this opportunity to slide in a plug for these great games.

^Love the plug Million.

I like predator bugs. Spiders and Pray Mantis are top tier.

Black Widow killing a hornet. I love the first comment.

actually, bees are a more advanced version of wasps

I don’t know if wasps are capable of breaking out of a spider web, but I do know that if they’re caught there when the actual spider is there, they’re fucking dead. that’s how spider vs wasp goes. wasp is very agile and can flood the spider’s entire system with poison which would kill it instantly even if it wasn’t a lethal substance. while on the other hand, the spider can do pretty much the same thing with poison and can use the web for cover.

as far as insects go, I’d choose a fly, jumping spider, or some form of wasp. flies can be killed by pretty much anything, but they’re ridiculously fast and agile.

I mostly just squish them. Praying Mantis is pretty dope though.