Who else here likes insects?

Within nature’s intricate web of checks and balances, there is a place for payback.
Round 2
Japanese bee advanced tactics: bait into unblockable touch of death.

Also, whatever bug Steve Harvey’s talking about in this is S tier.

You guys should check out and play Deadly Creatures for the Wii.
Completely underrated, and an awesome game. Tarantula plays like a stealth game, and Scorpion plays LIKE A BOSSSSS with it’s incredibly awesome finishing moves



getting that shit NOW

Look, insect tier lists are easy as fuck to do.

Broke tier: Anything from Australia
Mid tier: Goliath bird eating spider, asian giant hornet, maybe some form of south american arachnids idk
Shit tier: Everything else

Japanese honeybees should go in mid tier

dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you of all people haven’t played it?!

It’s an excellent game. The graphics are very good for the Wii, controls are good, and the storyline is excellent. The character voices for the in-game people is Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thorton. Unfortunately, the game didn’t sell so well, and Dennis Hopper passed away, so there won’t be a sequel.

But yea, doing finishing moves with the Scorpion is one of most satisfying things. He freaking STINGS RATS IN DA MOUF and SMASHES BEETLES to BITS.

Overall IMO, Dragonflies are awesome
Larvae form in the water has extending Alien jaws.
Adult form has excellent eyesight, flies freaking fast, and is a quick predator.
It’s kinda like a flying shark

And since it’s summertime now, jumping spiders are more common around my house. Those things have Agility +90 on their stats, and Eyesight +70.

I main Assassin Bug, but I’ve been practicing dragon fly.

The former injects serum into its prey, liquifying their insides, then sucks it out with the same tube.

Latter is just fucking bad ass, c’mon.

Proof that animal violence really is for children. No, really. That’s one of the main reasons I watched Animal Planet and Discovery Channel as a kid. XD

Half-joking, I really did love learning about animals as a kid…still do, and I’m just getting my interest re-kindled lately. : D

I need a Wii.

Sheeeit, I forgot that game existed…probably because I don’t have that system. I wouldn’t mind a spin-off where you just played as a scorpion that went around killing things…hahah, take it further (and into possible media controversy) and have a humans appear in the game as boss characters to fight towards the end of the game… a mean kid that’s outside specifically to kill things would be a good choice there, though it would result in a media shitstorm to have a game where you can kill a little kid, even if you’re playing the role of a deadly smaller creature.

Mr. Mosquito was another interesting concept for a game, though I’d prefer a more twisted version where you play as one of the more dangerous insects and arachnids that have been mentioned in this thread. Heh, imagine… the player gets to be something like a scorpion or a more dangerous (via mutation or whatever) wasp, hornet or spider that has appeared inside a house… the goal is to kill the entire family before they kill you. It would be awesome.


in that order.


I didn’t think this thread was going to deliver.

I was sorely mistaken.

SRK, we tier list every fucking thing!

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speaking of insects, quick question. a friend of mine said he once dealt with a batch of silver wasps. he tried to spray them with wasp spray, but they didn’t die. in fact they tried to retaliate. wasp spray is supposed to make wasps fucking drop so I was just wondering… anyone know WTF’s up with that?

they where silver wasps, you needed silver wasps spray

I always get a bit creeped out whenever I see land invertebrates kill and eat vertebrates. It’s like lower lifeforms killing and eating higher lifeforms.

I love insects and I was intrigued by a story similar to this one. Really interesting, especially knowing how much people can get into both sports and gambling. :tup:

I love… spiders…


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