Who else is done with eventhubs?


First came all the non-stop bait articles. Reading eventhubs is literally like reading a forum with nothing but troll posts, designed to bait you into replying.

Second was all the perma-bans of anyone who isnt a blind fanboy of their site. After the SherryJenix article I thought to myself “Gee why doesnt EH just have a subscriber option and only allow them to comment?” And sure enough they reveal subscriber mode rofl.

And now, you cant even view their site without turning off adblock. Not that I care, ill gladly turn off adblock on many sites. If SRK asked me to, i would. But EH doesnt deserve it. They are total cancer. All they do now is troll people. Sadly the site had potential, the stuff like Fight Tracker is actually cool. Too bad
RIP EventHubs


All that reading of Eventhubs, and none in SRK:General Discussion. Before making this thread.



Ohshit my bad, that was Chris Hu like-singing my own version of the song…



I can feel it coming over me
I feel it all around me
I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life it’s my destiny
There’s a fire deep inside of me
it’s waiting to come out now
no matter what, no matter how, I know I’ll make it through somehow

cuz when the road feels too long
I’ll still be holding on
I’m gonna keep on going, I know I’ll be strong

I wont let nobody break me down
nothings gonna stop me now
gonna gonna make gonna keep on going
the last man standing

I’m ready for whatever
I’m never giving up
nothing can break my spirit
cuz it’s indestructible

can’t explain it, it’s incredible
the strength I feel inside me
nothing is impossible
I know I’ll find my way
through a storm through the darkest night
whatever comes it’s alright
Not gonna turn around I’m ready, for the future now

and when the road feels too long
I’ll still be holding on
I’m gonna keep on going, I know I’ll be strong

nothing is impossible
if you really want it
and I really want it
not gonna stop, no matter what, no
yeah this time, nothing can hold me back, no
nothing can break me down, my spirit’s indestructible.




What’s an FGC/Eventhubs/SherryJenix and why should I care?


done with eventhubs? most of us never started with them


I don’t turn off adblock for no site. I can understand the site needs the money but I ain’t suffering through obnoxious ads


Mike Jones


I don’t read the fighting game portion of a website I frequent everyday that is about videogames, what makes you think I read eventhubs again?


I’ll be blunt obscura, since I recognize that avatar. A lot of your comments that were on EH articles are pretty damn trolly themselves and don’t really add anything remotely insightful. If you’ve had comments removed, that’s your own fault.


Eventhubs is still around?



One of the weird thing about the dudes in GD is how PROUD they are of not playing FG’s anymore.

Kinda weird.


GD the Anti-FGC

EDIT: Being on topic, I stopped going to EHUBS after the whole Sherry Jinx shit. You should of learned your lesson after that whole incident.


It isn’t that weird to be proud of being able to draw a line between “bad” and “good” and not playing the bad stuff just because a bunch of compulsive consumerist nerds are doing it.


Fuckin right…


What is GD?


certainly no more weird than proudly proclaiming membership in the sycophant circus more commonly known as “the FGC”


A disease of the genitals.

You now have it.





There are shit threads not meant to ever be shat. This is one of them.