Who Else is Sick?

Had a great time at Evo this year, one of the most memorable vacations I’ve had, period. Now I’m back home and sick as a dog. It started coming on Sunday and when I was at the gift shop buying cough medicine I ran into some other guys who were also sick.

Who else picked up the EVO virus?

i also got the E virus =/

I couldnt even get out of bed yesterday, I felt like I had the T-virus or something.

I can walk and stuff today, but I still feel like shit and am sore everywhere.

Another for the E-virus!

Same here, woke up Sunday feeling it a little, Monday was full on. Body still aching today while at work, at least I have the next three days to re-coop.

Dayquil works for me for about 2-3 hours and starts fading away.

I’ve gotten sick after every major I’ve ever attended. I swear to god if I go to Evo next year I’m gonna take some kind of immune system booster or something. Maybe drink orange juice.

It seems like none of my friends ever get sick though. Maybe it’s cause I play ST and at the tournaments I went to it was always on a cab.

I got dieareha while I was there even though I practically didn’t eat anything. musta been the well water that they have there. but besides that I was relatively fine.

It’s the stress and lack of sleep. Weakens immune system.

Another one for the EvoVirus

Drove back on Monday morning. Started feeling the onset of something. Then it just hit me in the face. Straight up jacked: fever, chills, zero energy, sore throat, cough, body aches / sore everywhere, you name it. Have yet to go to work this week. Getting better though.

Lots of fluids and food.

It’s the bad B.O. you’re exposed to for four days straight.

I got it too. Hit on Monday.

I was at work today and found myself coughing a lot and had the feeling of phlegm or something in my throat, though this is probably from yelling too much.

When I got off the plane and returned home, I fell asleep for like a whole day.

It got to me on Tuesday. I’m feeling better though. Comic-con here I come!

I got sick too.
But I did not attend Evolution 2009.

I watched the Stream at home.

Yeah same here, exactly the case for me. Tomorrow I’m going to venture going into work since they’re all pissed I took extended vacation but I have barely been able to move since I got back.

Evola virus caught me too.

Big time Evola virus right here.

yup…same thing as shirts, started yesterday…i woke up with a 102 temp this morning. Im rocking a sars mask next time.

You got sick too?

probably was due to the cold/hot switch, the convention room was so cold, my friends caught something, but I didn’t catch anything knocks on wood, plus in all honesty, who was actually eating right during the tournament? Making sure to get the vitamins and stuff? I don’t think anyone did lol