Who else loves the chinese girl archetype (What's your favorite archetype)?


I mean just everything about them. The character designs (raven-haired women are the best), fighting styles (always so fluid and elegant), and personality. It’s also the main reason I want Chi-Chi in FighterZ.

The most famous example being of course the first lady of fighting games Chun-Li from Street Fighter fame.


I don’t like some of the stereotypes that are done with some chinese girls in fighting games.

like Mian in KOFXIV. “creative”, but still terrible unappealing design.

I don’t like the Li Xiangfei’s design either. better than Mian, but still the hair and clothes are too stereotypical, like Pai from Virtua Fighter.

I think Ciel from Xuan Dou Zhi Wang is somewhat interesting design, though hate how her name was influenced by
boy naming conventions, though her feminine and street girl free spirited appearance makes up for it.

I’m not particularly fond of archetypes. Would like more realistic chinese girl designs with more casual appearance
and more street fighting/feminine beautiful brawler design instead of traditional martial arts presentation design.
and black hair is a must. I know even in China some girls dye their hair, but I like character designs that are more genuine
instead of westernized and without ethnic dilution to chinese designs.

and it’s somewhat problematic with how fighting games archetypes and character designs are made, since they tend to
go anime


This is the worst thread I have seen in a long time.