Who else misses the finals commentary for the spectators?

These past two Evos, there weren’t any commentary in the finals for the actual spectators, only commentary on the livestream. Perhaps next year have a setup where the commentators’ speaking is broadcast to the livestream as well as through the ballroom speakers. There were a lot of people in that ballroom this year, and I’m sure not everyone is knowledgeable about every game out there, so commentary can help the uninformed know what’s happening on screen.

Felt the same way. Usually Aris is half the reason to watch Tekken and I couldn’t even hear him.


Again, feel the same. I was looking forward to listening to Sp00ky and Bellreisa’s Melty commentary during the matches. Was still hype as hell without it, but it would have been nice.

Now I just have to wait for all the finals to be uploaded so i can watch them all again WITH commentary. (Totally worth it, specially melty/ssf4/tvc)