Who else sells blank cases?

I wanted to buy a Norris arcade stick but all sold out in 2 minutes … again…

Anyone else or site sells blank cases ?

Check the trading outlet. Nether is selling some.

or Kaytrim

Here’s one by Illustrator

There are some others too. You can always ask a custom stick maker to make a blank case for you.

I also sell them but don’t have any done at the moment (pretty close). For a speedy process, seriously look at Kaytrim and Illustrators stuff.

Well two things…

1- the norris blank case had a pretty good price and a nice size
(not too big not too small)

2- Im in Canada Quebec and so it depends on the shipping cost

But i must admit, the Illustrator case looks pretty nice… but darn thats expensive… at that price maybe i should wait and try to get my hands on the Mad catz tournament edition stick it’s only 20 $ more.