Who else should I pick up for TTT2?


Leo is the only Tekken character I can play. Reading up on her new stuff in TTT2 on Zaibatsu, it looks like they buffed her a SHITLOAD. Basically they gave her exactly what she lacked in T6; a bunch of safe, non-gimmick ways to start combos. (Plus almost all the stages have walls, which is a buff for Leo in itself.) If I could just play her at tournaments, I would.

But since I can’t, who else should I play that’d go well with Leo on a team? It’s kinda hard to learn Tekken characters methinks, I have to put in a lot of work just to learn to play one to any degree of competence. So I want to work on just one extra character. My ideas so far have been:

-I was kinda learning Bruce in T6, but in TTT2 Leo dislikes him so they might have bad Netsu/Rage going.
-Lili and Leo are the best possible partners for each other, relationship value/netsu-wise. They both Like each other and have special throws leading into each other. Apparently in vanilla TTT2 this team was actually really cheap and did a lot of damage in general, was a top-tier team, but with Lili being nerfed pretty hard in TTT2U, IDK if that’s still true. Any insight?
-I kinda want to pick up Miguel cuz he’s a baller. Leo and him are indifferent to each other and Miguel seems to be pretty solid in TTT2.
-I half-learned Julia Chang when T6 first came out but she was too advanced for me so I switched to Leo (it was my first real 3D fighter). It seems that Leo Likes Jaycee and has a special throw for her. IDK how good Jaycee is in TTT2.

I’d like some ideas. T6 has a lot of character and I’m not really sure where to start.


the netsu rage table doesnt really affect the amount of netsu rage as much as it affects the time at which it activates its definitely not a deal breaker. Tekken is a 3d game and that 3d mentality you may have been hearing about with the release of VF applies here. Pick who you like. Pick 5-10 moves and go from there. This is not 2D where most of the cast cant do shit about Tiger Shot or low strong and wall dive crossup or dark phoenix or whatever super duper bullshit that was concocted and left in the game. The games are well thought out and you are still allowed to play your way and you win simply by putting time in game and gaining experience. The same thing applies to nerfs and buffs in the game too if a character got nerfed it was to balance the game not to neuter the character so if you want to play a character that you heard has been nerfed dont fret just play that character its not another AE to 2012 Yang situation were they make a character nigh unplayable. There’s also 4 new characters out and more to come so maybe there will be someone you really like out of the new cast.


Learn Wang, no one likes getting the shit kicked out of them by some 107 year old dude. Plus he has quite a compact/manageable move list, and I feel plays somewhat in a similar manner to Leo in that you are looking for that hi/low opening and then god help your opponent if they have their back to a wall.


feng and lars mesh well with leo’s style