Who else would love to see Yun and/or Yang in the game?

Love those twins

I feel like given that there is no universal mechanic eg Parry/Focus which naturally fights divekicks well, the minimum jump height would need to be pretty high.

Who else is hoping to see them? Personally I would be happy with either one but would prefer Yang

It’s either both or neither. I think it’s dumb Yun was in Alpha 3 Max but yang was omitted. Even in CVS2 Yang was given the short end of the stick and only assisted Yun in supers and stuff. Screw that, why the hell is Yun suddenly getting more love?

I do!!

I prefer Yun, uhum.

Only if Yun has 3S Genei Jin and Yang slashes are as ridiculous as they were in 3S. Otherwise I don’t really care.

Don’t care, but my friend likes Yun and my brother’s main character in 3S was Yun so I’ll vote for Yun

Yang all day, I used him in 3S (Yun in sf4 tho) and he’s just a better designed character cus rekkas. He wouldn’t be as good as in 3S though, because there;'s no way EX slashes would be as useful as they were.

Just say no to divekick characters.


This is SFV so Yun would only be able to dive kick while jumping forward and he’d have to hit you in your shoelaces on counterhit to combo off it.

Only one dive kick deserves a rebirth for SFV