Who ever said E.ryu can't combo into sweep was a lier

Desk did it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJV-2bnBqPY&feature=feedu

and I tried it out in training mode without all that focus cancel stuff and it worked even tho it took me like 50 tries and after doing it once I could never do it again, but it’s still possible

It’s probably a situation that is combo / hitbox specific.

As a rough explanation, this combo makes T Hawk’s hitbox move in such a way that the jab hits “late” or “meaty.” This means it hits after the first active frame. That gives you additional hitstun, allowing this combo to become possible.

Translation - A set up that is impractical or near impossible to set up in a real match.

yeah prolly character specific and ridiculous to hit

you can combo into sweep after lk tatsu on rose. im doing some more testing, will update later with more characters if any are also able to be combo’d

edit: you can lk tatsu into sweep on Rose, Sim, Cammy, Deejay and Balrog. As for st.lp into sweep i will try testing later on the rest of the cast as we saw it works on thawk although is very difficult and inconsistent to get off

This is exactly what’s going on. So, as already stated above, it’s really impractical, like all the weird things all the other characters can do off meaty hits (Makoto st.strong -> ultra 1, Akuma’s “vanilla” loop in Super, etc).

Yea…this is just like the Ken combo vid that was released with SSF4. He comboed into sweep, and then no one could recreate it.

I remember that. I think the trick was that the st.jab hit T. Hawk on the second active frame, giving Ken +8 advantage on hit, letting him combo into sweep (SSF4 sweep took 8 frames to startup).

This is probably the same situation with Evil Ryu and is character specific too.

I did it to oni too
Counter hit cr jab X2<St jab X2< sweep

ive been trying and trying to make it work on various characters by getting the jab to hit meaty but, i’m not having any luck

itt: people who take desk’s video as something practical to do in game

If you want to combo into sweep, set up a counterhit c.mp or a meaty c.mp. Either will allow you to combo into sweep or c.mk off c.mp.

meaty jab set ups aren’t exactly impractical

there are all sorts of set ups with various characters to make certain normals hit at later active frames to open up new combo possibilities

cool that he has the option to do this…but still looks really impractical.