Who Farted? The Wario Thread!

So yeah, this had to be made. Share your tips, strats and anything else you care to share about the fat man.

His good normals:

All his tilts are really, really good.

Up tilt is a ridiculously good launcher. You should be using this almost 100% of the time over Usmash.

Side tilt gives him a little wind up punch, you can also direct it up and down.

Down tilt makes him do his little crouching poke. Making him crawl to do this can surprisingly make him duck under a lot of projectiles.

His 1,2 auto combo is pretty good, pops them in the air for more comboing.

His F air is kinda weak, and so is his B air. N air has some great uses and he has such manuverability in the air too.

U air is his handclap, pretty good for killing.

D air makes him do a little spinny move, not too bad priority, good for racking up damage %.

I’ve eaten a lot of stuff with his neutral B. Samus’ missles & shots, lucarios bolts, my own bike. It’s really useful.

(From Twigbrochill @ AIB)

Here are the pros and cons of Wario

-AMAZING Air Mobility-
-Great recovery-
-All his attacks are useful-
-Deceptively fast forward smash-
-Lots of kill options-
-is a true man-

-Doesn’t excel VS any certain character match-ups-
-If the motorcycle has been used very recently, or is still laying on the stage- Recovery is limited.-
-Weak approach-
-Short over-all range-



B- Chomp

  • It’s a grab type move. Wario opens his mouth and chomps down on whatever is in front of him. Could be an opponent, could be an item, could be a projectile of many sorts. I generally don’t use this attack much in my matches. I see too many holes in how it’s designed. If you’re close enough to an opponent to do this move, then you are close enough to regular grab them (a much better option). I only use it to eat my Motorcycle, which is needed for recovery purposes… so it being on the stage doesn’t help me at all.
    Uses; 1. I said earlier I don’t really use this move, but that may be because my normal opponents may play differently than yours. I do see one way to use this move without being punished for it. Lets say you are aerial rushing your opponent throughout the match, and you notice he has been shield grabbing a lot afterwards. You can turn things around on him by jumping at him and use Chomp to grab him first. Whenever you’re in the air, approaching him, use this to counter his shield grab attempts bye grabbing him first.

Right/Left B- Motorcycle

  • Wario jumps on his motorcycle and speeds across the stage pretty quickly. The move starts almost instantly and the motorcycle actually has it’s own hitboxes… which means, if the bike is hit by something, you may not be hit by it. Depending on the attack, the motorcycle could absorb all impact to save you some damage!
    Uses; 1. RECOVERY!! This move is a very great tool for recovery. If you perform this in the air, Wario gains a good bit of horizontal distance. After you start to descend while on your bike, press Jump. Wario will leap off the Bike for a good size jump seperate from your regular mid-air jump.
  1. I sometimes use this just as a quick attack to surprise my opponent. For example, if my opponent and I are just messing with each others spacing and getting position or stage control… I just use this move and catch them off-balance. If they are at a medium-high %, then you may jump off the bike and hit them with an aerial attack for added damage. This is something I don’t OFTEN do, but maybe once a match.

Up B- Wario Cyclone

  • Much like Marios Up B… just a upwards/slightly horizontal moving attack that doesn’t auto-sweetspot the ledge. The difference between the two Up B’s is that Wario rarely uses his… Not really a lot to talk about in this one… Wario doesn’t need his up b =p
    Uses; Addition to his already amazing recovery. Chances are, you won’t need to use this move much at ALL… but it’s always there for emergencies.

Down B- Wario Waft

  • A Tremendous killing move… this embarrassing attack is feared by all Wario opponents. It takes 110 seconds for this move to be charged fully. Don’t worry though, it charges on it’s own! Wario is a bit of a gassy opponent, and after that time Wario starts to glow red because his *** is ready to blow =. Wario shoots himself very high, upwards to create a very large hitbox for this powerful move. To give you an idea of how high he flys… I’ll tell you that if Wario is too high on the screen and uses this move… he can star KO himself!
    Uses; 1. Attack! This move was created to be a great surprise attack technique. The hitbox is huge and can KO opponents at low %s.
  1. Recovery! Yes thats right… another recovery move. Wario can use this to get back to the stage if he needs to. I generally don’t ever use it for that but there are always cases where it’s not a bad idea. Think about using it whenever you have a very aggressive opponent who will follow you off the ledge to try to finish you off. Hit him with this move and he’ll be the one in need of recovery.


Side Smash- Shoulder Tackle

  • A VERY quick smash with more range than one would think. Wario takes a quick hop forward with his shoulder and rams you. Has SUPER ARMOR FRAMES!
    Uses; This move could be the only smash you ever use with Wario… it’s that good! If you catch an opponent defenseless and medium-high %… Shoulder tackle him. The move has great knockback and AMAZING speed. On many characters, this can be done directly after a downthrow for a quick 25-30%

Up Smash- Wario Spin

  • A very fast, but weak multi-hitting smash. I don’t really use this one much unless I do it occasionally out of my shield on a bigger character. Smaller characters tend to be hit once or twice and pushed aside then punish you while you’re still attacking. Does a decent amount of damage but I try to stay away from using it too much. Wario has better options.

Down Smash- Wario Breakdance!

  • Another VERY fast attack. This one is a bit weird though. It has attack frames all throughout the attack, but it seems it can only hit once for a good knockback. If your opponent is at a low % and you do this attack and hit him away with it… they can come back before it’s finished and punish you. BUT if you do the attack and your opponent is NOT initially hit by it, they may still be hit later on in the animation. Very Odd, I know. Anyways… this attack is FAST and covers a good amount of space for Wario to attack in. Has almost the same knockback as Warios forward smash.

=Tilt Attacks=

Side Tilt- A Standard Punch
-Warios moves are a bit backwards compared to the rest of the cast… Normally, the Tilts are a bit faster than the smash attacks but Warios are slower. This isn’t a bad thing though… this move is STRONG. It ranks up with one of Warios strongest moves and a good KO option. If you find yourself using Warios Over Smash too much and feel that the power has been decaying, then look no further than this move. It has a lot of power behind it.

Up Tilt- Raise the Roof
-Wario brings both arms upward to send opponents upwards. This attack works a bit like fox and falcos uptilts did in melee. At low %s it can be linked to a few more Up tilts or other moves for a good combo.
Uses; Uptilt, Uptilt, Up AIR anyone?!

Down Tilt- No clue on what to name it? =[
-A move I don’t really use all that much, but I really should. It’s a great move. Has a bit of start-up and ending lag but it sends your opponent upward for a good combo opportunity. Has a medium knockback and medium range.


  • A quick 1-2 punch. The jabs are pretty fast and the 2nd hit is almost inescapable if you hit with the 1st. The 2nd jab sends the opponent slightly upward which is the perfect place for Wario to have his opponents go =] If you feel your opponent isn’t at quite high enough % to do anything with then a quick Jab-> grab is always a good option.

=Dash Attack=

Wario slides for home-
-This attack has a good bit of speed on it. It has medium strength knockback and lasts for a good amount of time. Wario isn’t very vulnerable during this move since the whole time, his body is a hitbox. It hits low and pops opponents upward for further combo-age.

=Aerial Attacks=

Neutral Air- Belly Flop
-I love this attack. It’s a very fast attack that I usually perform out of shield to get some clearance from my enemy who is near. It had very little landing lag so you can perform it anywhere above the stage without having to worry about being punished for it whenever you land. Has a good amount of knockback, not enough to rely on it as a KO source, but very good for Ledge-gimping your opponents (We’ll get into that later =).

Forward Air- Karate Kick

  • Wario does a Short and Weak kick forward. The knockback on this move is very little, but it combos VERY well. There is a very small amount of landing lag on this move and coupled with Warios amazing air mobility he can safely approach with this move. Very “Wall of Pain” like imo. At Medium- High %s this move can combo into Neutral airs for a good knockback or Upair for a KO. Just watch your opponents DI and act accordingly.

Back Air- Backwards headbash

  • Wario lays out in the air. This move has a lot of landing lag on it, so try to avoid using it while in a descent toward the stage unless you know you can hit with it. It has a good knockback and is great for Ledge-gaurding. Simply Ledge-Hop off and intercept your opponent with this attack to send him/her further out off the stage or KO them. I use this one often.

Down Air- Wario flips and spins upside down

  • please say this with me. Best. Wario. Aerial. This move starts VERY quickly and is a multi-hit type move. If you’re hit with one of the hits, you’re going to be hit with them all. The ending hit of the move has a slightly larger knockback than his forward air to give you a comparison. It does a good amount of damage and is very combo-able. This is his best approach aerial, by far. If you’re near your opponent, simply short-hop and down-air. With Warios air mobility this move is perfect for him. If the opponent starts shielding, then Wario can simply retreat and be safe. If the opponent is hit, wario can do some follow-up attacks and keep the enemy on their toes. The move ends in the air and has 0 landing lag if performed directly after the short hop. BUT… if you land on the ground while still performing this attack, there is a considerable amount of lag to overcome. The timing is quite easy though and I’m sure you can perform this safe-approach with ease.

Up Air- Wario Clap
-This is a good one. This is one of Warios best KO options. Wario claps his big hands upwards and attacks anything in close proximity above him. This attack does a great knockback and is a good combo finisher. Warios Down air, Forward Air, and Neutral air often combo into this move to finish everything off. Try not to use this move too often just to combo and add % though, due to the knockback decay the more times you use it. Often times Wario has his opponents above him to KO… so try to use it to KO exclusively.


Forward Throw- Swing
-This move is great. My 2nd most used Throw for Wario. Wario swings his opponent around his body, much like Mario and Luigis back throw. This is good, because I often catch people off gaurd and they DI the completely wrong direction and I can get cheap kills. With Mario and Luigis throw, the opponent is sent behind them. With Wario, the opponent is thrown behind him =] Don’t rely on your opponent being so dumb though =P. Anyways, the throw has the most knockback of any Wario throw and is the best option whenever you have you opponents back to the Edge with a decent %.

Up Throw- eh… don’t use it. NEXT

Back Throw- Booty “Throw”?
-Wario takes the opponent and knocks him backward with his ***. Knockback is average at best. Wario has better options than this.

Down Throw- This is Wario
-This Throw is what I base a lot of my Wario gameplay off of. It has small knockback and send the opponent directly behind you. Wario has very little lag at the end of this move and can often perform attacks or another grab before his opponent can act. On bigger characters, Wario can Grab > Downthrow > turn around > regrab > dthrow > turn around > regrab until high %s. This is a reason why Wario straight up counters Bowser. Wario doesn’t need to move in any direction to regrab… only turn around. At the end of all that, Wario can forward smash to end it all.

He has many options with the downthrow. With most characters, the opponent actually does have the opportunity to act if they are fast enough. They can either shield… and get grabbed again. They can roll, which is probably their best option to escape any immediate combos, even though it’s quite easy to follow a roll then punish them=]. Or they can try to go on the offensive… in which case Wario should already be on top of them with a quick short-hop down air while the opponent is turning around to attack. The down throw is Warios best option in dealing with any opponent who is shielding in close quarters. Abuse it.



Ok now that all the moves are taken care of, I can get into detail about how I believe Wario will and should be played at a higher level.

Wario is a Passive - Aggressive type character! He doesn’t have a solid straight up approach game, so what is best is to play a more defensive game until the opponent is within close reach of you and start from there. Starting with a couple short hop down airs or forward airs to keep pressure on him/her is a great thing. Once they land and they see a Wario coming after them… most of the time your opponent will Shield to stop the Wario from owning them… MISTAKE. Wario does his best when he has the opponent shielding. Easily go in for a grab and downthrow. From there you have many many options to deal damage and futher punish your opponent for shielding. You can re-grab, attack more relentlessly or just let them get away… jk. Don’t do that last part.

Just keep the pressure on. Once you let your opponent have a break, then you’ve lost control of the stage and let them have a chance at KOing YOU. Don’t give them the chance… not until they come back from the dead, that is. The biggest part of any competitive fighting meta-game is the ability to keep your opponent in a defensive stance. If you control the stage in brawl, just like any other fighter… then YOU call the shots. Do not get too reckless and attack in a position where they can easily counter you. Always try to space and time everything just right to hurt them before they can hurt you.

Some Vids:

Vs Pit:

Vs Marth:

Vs: MetaKnight:

I’ll share a couple little tidbits.

It takes two minutes for the fart to be fully charged. A fully charged fart can do up to 49% damage if you hit with the explosion. Hitting opponents with Wario’s flying body does about 20% or so, but it still sends them quite a ways.

Wario’s down smash only has one big initial hit. It can still hit while he’s spinning around on the ground. But, those hits aren’t as powerful.

Wario’s aerial up+a is a fantastic launcher, and is also very fast, considering some of his air moves don’t have much KO power.

Wario’s Bike has insane recovery potential. And, by recovery, I mean recovering from an attack that sends you off the stage. Hop on the bike and jump off for good air!

gimme dat hand clap!

I thought the eating things increasing the charge of the fart has been debunked? If not someone should test that shit. (I only play at my friends so I can’t)

Disclaimer: I am by no means a top smasher, I’m really bad at ground movement and I suck at shielding and alot of other basics. But after reading smash boards and playing wario a bit this is just the stuff I noticed.

Some more wario notes

Wario has no reach. At all. Characters with swords can be a pain, but in the air Wario is deceptively fast and has alot of good tricks to try and get in. His air control is really really good, so it is possible to run from some of the slower characters with reach, just watch out for dat Toon Link mother fucker is a beast.

Down Air - as mentioned is a pretty good move. One thing to remember is it seems have have almost no recovery which is amazing. Great for getting in on people.

Up Air - Dat Clap - Good move great kill, save it exclusively for kills as it’s amazing and when your F+air has been spammed a bit and loses some push back you can use it to combo into clap with f+air double jump clap. Really good ko combo.

Back Air - I like this move alot more than other people seem too, comes out fast and has a better hitbox then F+air. It also pushes back more (can ko at higher health I think)

Neutral B - the Bite, great all purpose move. Its a throw, you can do it in the air, it eats projectiles (helps wario to get in sooo much) it also catches tons of shit and has lots of mixup potential. I was in a match trying to get back on a stage and someone was coming at me, I rode my bike towads the stage, hit them with it, jumped off and air controlled over for the bite! so sweet. This move has tons of uses and it’s great, get good at doing it whenever you need it (I often get accidental bike, which sucks when wario sits there and looks for his motorcycle that is already on the field)

Final note for now I’ll post more later or go try to get the good smashers to post - Wario has 5 jumps technically! He has jump and double jump, then you can ride your motorcycle and jump off it for added height, then you can up+b. This should always get you back on the stage if its possible Wario’s air control is sooo good you should be set. But wait thats only 4 jumps! Well lets say you try to get back on and it’s your last life and their is someone jumping off and edge guarding and maybe they are at like 90%… well his 5th way to jump is great in this situation. Let yourself fall below them and assuming youve been saving it. Fart! or down + B. This can be used as a great suprise KO tool. But make sure you are really low when you do it cause if you miss the fart sends you really fucking high and you may star ko yourself if you aren’t careful.

I like his neutral air move, for the fact that his whole entire body is the hitbox. It lasts a long time and can hit twice too. The first hit seems more powerful.

If the D air animation isn’t finished when you land, you’ll get stuck in the ground a moment or two, try and time it right if you want that no lag advantage.

I’ve taken a fully charged shot from Samus on the bike. Wario is beastly!
Diddy is somewhat of a pain to fight because he trades with Wario a lot air wise.

Videos all stolen from Warlock*Gs thread at smashboards. All credit should go to him not me.

One versus one

vs Mario

vs Luigi

vs Peach
http://nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2493942 (lvl9 CPU)

vs Bowser

vs Yoshi

vs Donkey Kong

vs Link

vs Toon Link

vs Ganondorf

vs Zelda

vs Samus / Zero Suit Samus

http://youtube.com/watch?v=INa5G3e3_vE (ZSS)

vs Marth

vs Ike

vs Pokmon Trainer

vs Pikachu

http://youtube.com/watch?v=J6mp-SXt1Gg (starting at 5:00)

vs Lucario

vs Fox

vs Falco

vs Wolf

vs Kirby

vs King Dedede

vs Ness
[media=youtube]o9Uqu4P-aGo[/media] NEW
[media=youtube]U9XDV5Rv60M[/media] NEW

vs Lucas

vs Captain Falcon

vs Ice Climbers

vs Game & Watch

vs Pit

[media=youtube]QhiI6gGGFe4[/media] NEW

vs Olimar

vs Sonic

vs Snake


vs Wolf & Captain Falcon

vs Mario, Ike & Pokmon Trainer

vs Sonic & Ike

vs Ike, Pikachu & Fox

vs Metaknight, Dedede & Ganondorf

vs Diddy & Lucario

vs Lucas, Marth & Wolf

vs Pikachu & Diddy

vs Lucas & Pokmon Trainer

vs Olimar, Nes & Luigi (all CPUs)

vs Luigi, Mario & Peach

Team battles

teamed with Falco vs Marth & Dedede

teamed with Falco vs Pikachu & Lucas

teamed with Luigi vs R.O.B. & Lucas

teamed with Luigi vs R.O.B. & Falco

teamed with Luigi vs Snake & Marth

teamed with Luigi vs Ike & Marth

teamed with Pokmon Trainer vs Wolf & Kirby

teamed with Wolf vs Marth & Ness

teamed with Kirby vs Pit & Dedede

teamed with Kirby vs Snake & Dedede

teamed with Wolf vs Marth & Pikachu

teamed with Meta Knight vs Pit & Kirby


Wario’s victory theme

Snake about Wario

vs Sonic (money match THAT’S IT WARIO GRAB THOSE COINS)

vs Mario, Olimar & Lucario (cage match, last one to 999% wins)

vs CPU Mario (specials, FS & normal moves in training mode, followed by a fight)

vs CPU Yoshi (specials in training mode, as well as Wario-Man’s Forward Smash, the “sliding shoulder tackle”)

vs CPU Metaknight (specials in training mode: see the uncharged Waft’s hitbox)

Wario-Man’s Atomic Fart

Dama’s “Combo” vid

Infil’s expos on R.O.B. & Wario (Wario’s starts at 5:08)

vs lvl9 CPU Mario (Mushroomy Kingdom)

vs CPUs Mario & Luigi (event)

The “Hyrule Jump” (Wario’s starts at 0:13)


Two Warios vs all-star mode’s boss

Who’s the fastest in Brawl? (see Wario walk at 5:15 (W-M); see him run at 1:36 and at 8:57 (W-M); see him ride his bike at 8:42 and at 9:18 (W-M))

I stole some stuff from AIB and put it in the first post.

I’ll be able to play Brawl tonight, and while I have time to play it alone, I hope to get a list of the projectiles that Wario can eat without taking damage. It should be pretty elementary–everything except explosives–, but i’ll try and make one, anyway!

does eating the bike count towards the fart?

It would appear that it does not.

Speaking of eating things, I return from my night with Brawl. I did experiment with Wario’s eating habits, and…I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised:

Mario: Wario can’t eat the fireball(if he can, then I am not doing it right, apparently).
Luigi: See above.
Samus: Can’t eat the missiles or the charge shot.
Diddy Kong: You can eat his peanuts. I forgot to try his banana peels, but i’m sure you can eat those, too.
Peach: You can eat her turnips, and probably all those other bonus items(even the bob-omb, but it’ll stun you).
Yoshi: Uh…I don’t think you can eat the egg. I couldn’t really do it, so let’s just say you can’t.
Link: You can eat the bombs, but not the boomerang or the arrows. Bombs are pretty much risky to eat, so just block em’.
Toon Link: See above.
Zelda: Din’s Fire can’t be injested.
Sheik: No needles for Wario.
Pit: Can’t eat the arrows.
Ice Climbers: He can’t eat the ice.
R.O.B: He can eat the gyro, but not the optic blast.
King Dedede: You can eat waddle dees and waddle doos, but not the gordo.
Olimar: You can’t eat the pikmin, which I think is bullshit. Seriously, Wario can’t be compared to those beasts in the pikmin games?
Fox: No lasers for Wario.
Falco: See above.
Wolf: See Fox.
Pikachu: The electric rat’s projectiles can’t be eaten.
Ivysaur: You can’t eat that razor leaf…thing.
Squirtle: You can’t drink his water.
Charizard: Rock Smash probably is too close for Wario to eat the pebbles that fall from the rock. So, let’s just say no.
Lucario: No aura sphere for Wario.
Ness: None of the projectiles, he can eat.
Lucas: See above.
Game and Watch: You can’t eat the food he throws using his neutral B. Again, bullshit.
Snake: You can eat his grenades and such…but, they’re explosives, so…not worth it.

An interesting tidbit about Wario eating explosives. If the opponent is on top of you when you eat an explosive, they’ll take damage.

That’s really it. Some are useful, others…not so much.

okay so, for the love of god and all that is holy…

Do not run over a planted pitfall with Wario’s bike. It will kill you, even if you try to DI. Looks like nintendo put in a secret message, “potholes can kill you”.

I don’t think eating anything counts towards the fart. This is listed as disproven and smashbaords. Has anyone actually reliably tested it yet?

repeated crossup dair is way too good :rofl:

I bring three great Wario matches!

Wario vs Metaknight:

Wario vs Pit:

Wario vs Marth:

About time someone posted up a thread of Mr.GasMan…love this guy,my main as well.These vids are pretty sweet too…i never knew that eating items charges up his gas even faster…guess it makes sense,they should’ve made it that he already has a charged up one at the start of the match.

They don’t.

As much as it pains me to say, Tempest is right. I took the opportunity to play Brawl tonight by myself, and just played Wario in training mode continuously eating the bike. And…the fart didn’t come faster. So, basically eating items is to just get rid of them, I suppose.

So, in summary: Eating does NOT charge the fart. Which, just like Wario not being able to eat pikmin, is bullshit. But, oh well.

I found out that Wario has a gimpy chain throw, BUT it only works on opponents who aren’t thinking properly.

But yeah I was playing Dedede almost all night and switched to Wario, out of instinct I did down-throw… and then dashed and did it again. The main difference is it changes from left to right so you have to switch directions. It’s rather tricky but I can see being able to get like 2 in a row pretty easily.

so ya did test it out then huh…ooo wellz,what can ya do.be nice if it did tho,2 minutes can be frustratin when u really need it at times,would make sense too since he’d be gettin his ass filled up with shit and get his gas built up lol.