Who from GD is attending EVO?


Did a search for the old thread couldn’t find it but if it’s still up please delete this. For the moment I have no roommates but I’m hoping to see many of the GD regulars at evo as well as some new blood (would love to see some random newbie beat the og’s in HDR just for variety’s sake) so post if you’re going I’ll update the first post until a few days before evo.

GD people attending evo

Valaris in da hooooouse!
Dios is chillin’ in the back :D!
Geese Pants
Spirit Juice
P. Gorath
rcaido w/asian wife (maybe?)
Pablo the mixup


I live there so why not.

I just turned 21 this April, too.



I am. And just because I can, I already edited your post.


I will be there for sure. Woot!


I’ll be there…


Not this year. :confused:


I’ll be there… not that any of you care. :wink:


oh yesss


I was going to go this year w/ my asian wife to compete in HDR but im not longer hungry for fighting games…Too much GD i guess.


Here here! In it for Tekken 6, and possibly a 3S side tourney.


I was gonna go, but if rcaido’s Asian wife isn’t gonna be there…


for Super, and for Marvel


not that many of you know me but i will be there along with snorlax


Not to beat a dead horse but if anyone especially any of the countless people I met last year knows someone who needs a room PM me thanks.


Count me in.
And count me in for getting piss drunk and getting kicked out during Women’s SSF4.


I’ll be there just like the last 2 years. I won’t acutally be entering though. I haven’t played fighting games seriously for way to long. At least not since I left Japan. So I’ve been out of practice for about 3 years now.


Yeah, I’ll show up.


how are you gonna go to evo and not even bother entering? c’mon man.


I’ll face my fears…and say what’s up to Weeks.


were you there last time GP?