Who gets the most benefit from Tenderizer assist?

I always thought the assist was fascinating, and wanted to know, who people think benefits the most from tenderizer assist. C. Viper and Firebrand are pretty well-known for unblockable fun. Who else?

Extensions, neutral, mixups, whatever, who do you all think benefits most from that assist? What cool tech do people have? I’m curious.

Two of my own examples: I like Chris with Tenderizer, because while they block the assist, you get a ton of free chip and meter from fire grenades, for relatively no downside, and it helps Chris shut up most of their options when incoming. Taskmaster too, because he gets his unblockables on a decent amount of the cast on incoming, something few if any other assists do.

Dorm can get some use off tenderizer. You can get combos in the corner, and trap them on incoming to get spells. If they block it, you can also set up traps with flame carpet.

^That is the main use I’ve found for Tenderizer on my team, but I think Firebrand gets the most out of it since it sets up his unblockables easier than any other assist.

I used it with Task & Spencer for a while. Both for incoming an extension.