"Who Got Next? Gaming" 8/15/09 Absecon,NJ (Nerd Palace)

Street Fighter 4 1v1 Question Mark Tournament(Random Pick)

1st DMG Slob Morph(Blanka/Seth/Sakura)
2nd DnB MrWetBucket(Vega/Abel/Dhalsim)

BlazBlue 1v1 Tournament

1st Lord Knight(Litchi)
2nd Damian(Hakumen)
3rd Doomie J(Tager)
4th Sea of Cheese(V-13)

Street Fighter 4 2v2 Tournament

1st Philly (Skye E.Honda/Damian M.Bison)
2nd Team NP (DMG Slob Morph Zangief/Tagger Sagat)
3rd DMG (Rico Suave Abel/DMG Laughing Hyena Balrog)
4th DnB (DnB Mr WetBucket Sagat/DnB Mr WigglezZz Ryu)
5th No Clue (Pat with the Hat Blanka/Jarim The Dream Rufus)

Street Fighter 4 1v1 Tournament

1st Rico Suave(Abel)
2nd Skye(E.Honda)
3rd Mike Infinte(Balrog)
4th Damian(M.Bison/Gen)
5th Denman Falcon(Zangief)

I want to thanks every one for coming it was so much fun.

I have a BIG THANKS for GameCasa.com for coming through and showing me some support, my sponsors LizardLick for the amazing Tournament Edition Fight Stick for the PS3, Bill Jersey Design for the Flyer he designed just sick, Laughing Hyena Sticks for helping from the start to finish.

Also thanks to the guys that brought consoles and SF4 and BlazBlue Cds and can’t forget Mr WetBucket for letting stay at his crib, driving me to where i need to go and taking me to White Castle you the MAN.

I want to also thank Kevin, Tagger and friends for helping out with set up of the Nerd Palace and the running of the tournament.

Huge THANKS to BRET for letting me use the Nerd Palace to have my first event and doing all the tech work. Justin.tv/nerdpalace looked amazing and the set up with the camera was great.

Special Thanks
Mike Infinite, Rico Suave, and Damian for taking the time to explaining the way the Bracket system worked with uneven numbers.

Get Ready for the next one coming soon.

i wanna say good shit to the venue and tourney organizers. hyena, dream, nerd palace. props. had fun. nothing but positive feedback from me, even with the team bracket being a mess.

shouts to all i met and knew. i was pat with the hat/god btw.

look forward to seeing the vids.

jap cab was nice and the home setup was nice as well.

ok, so looking at the results…you just went there to spectate???

congrats on the tourney jarim. sorry i couldn’t be there. i had alot of things to do and on top of that, i got extremely sick lol. i think i coulda placed top 5 too but when WGN comes to new york, you know im there. (as long as i can use a 360 controller lol)

Rico Suave = Ryan?

Great tournament. I had a blast.

yeah, it was a really fun time up there, and a good venue, nice and quiet back there.
some pretty hype matches.

hope the enxt one is someplace closer, that 2 hour drive at 11pm was rough!

Yea I am speaking to people now to make sure its closer to New York or in New York next time. I am also trying to set one up in Massachusetts.

Yo Phatal PHD yo no lie we did like 3 hours that next morning. oo yea we was sleeping over Slob Morphs house Thanks Kevin

Rico Suave= Jonathan

Thanks to those who passed by. it was tons of fun and I cant wait to get the second one up and running.

Fun tournament, hot as balls though. I think I sweat off 5 lbs while playing in there. :rofl:

Sweet setup with the 2 cabinets and the sf4 head 2 head setup. That was pretty dope. Also more people need to play 3S (I was playing Alex on there for a while). Nice meeting everyone there and hope to run into some of you again at Summer Jam.

P.S. (Someone tell me how to fight Skye’s Honda or a good Honda in general, he beat me in both winners and losers :sad: )

The tournament was so much fun. I just got to work on getting a beast air conditioner and everything would be good. lolol

ggs… vampire savwhore, blazblue and watching skye endlessly slap people were my highlights… i’ll try to make it to future events…

pick guile. shouldnt be too hard after that.

i got school on wendsday but ill def make the next one.Once the date is posted Ill garunteeeee.

PHATAL ur really gettin it in i see…

I know I’m posting a little late but…
Thank you everyone for coming out. We had a great time!

Of course, the live stream recorded videos are available at www.justin.tv/nerdpalace/all

Also if you have any suggestions for improvement of the venue itself, please email us at thenerdpalace (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you.