Who got the best Magnus?



Yo mah niggas who be having the best Magnus up in this motherfuckin game. Niggas be trying infinites by the TAC but fail miserably.


Cj Showstopper.






Me I am da bes
But really imo:
no order
fanatiq- Dem macros! Super super shit! He would be the best if he would start using magnetic blast. (MSS)
f champ- Incredible player overall. He has the best blocking in the business. His combos are pretty dry, but he makes it up with his good mobility and fundamentals.(Magneto/dorm(phoenix)/doom)
ray ray- Flashy magneto with very very good mobility. He manages to do well with magneto despite playing him second. (ryu magneto sentinel)
joker- The flashiest of all the magnetos. His setups are pretty scary. (magneto iron man sentinel)
Yipes- The Og magneto. He is very good, but people often overlook his magneto since he runs him last. He has made many comebacks with and without xfactor with this character. His wavedashes are slick, and he manages to work without assists. (dante vergil magneto)

on a side note, I fucking miss marlinpie’s magneto


I sort of like kinda almost agree with that list. The order ofthe names is all up to preference. Magneto wise, they are at very similar levels.

Dont know about Yipes there though, because there are several magneto players that deserve a mention if he does. Like XRay. Even though he stays out of the spotlight, his magneto is pretty good. Also ShadyK.


Real talk, Champ has the best Neto.


Nigga you tripin, Dat nigga JOKER got the best Max Eisenhardt real talk mah nigz!


Heres my take on champ. He doesn’t have the dirtiest setups, nor does he have the flashiest or most optimal combos, but he is simply the best player all around which translates to his magneto play. His amazing blocking causes him to get bopped less than all of the other magnetos. His dry combos are so dry that he pretty much can’t mess them up. His smart playstyle and knowledge of the game translates to knowing when to press buttons at the right time. This is why he usually does better than all of the other magnetos, despite not appearing as though he has the best magneto.


Food for thought: His Neto lost, convincingly, to a Wolv/Storm/Akuma team at Toryuken. Granted that Iron-Man and Sentinel are inherently bad in this game, Neto basically still towers over Wolv/Stor/Akum. Especially with drones.


Best Magnus in the order I see:

  • Fchamp, he’s so consistent and he never lets you get away from him without at least 500k gone from your bar. Not to mention his resets are to die for. They are a bit more complicated than they look and he gets the job done.
  • Fanatiq, the nigga confirms off of EVERYTHING. He has fell off a bit in recent placings outside of Runback, but still an extremely solid Magneto, he is the definition of “hit confirmation” with Magneto.
  • Yipes/RayRay - They get flashy and get nitty gritty, but they do drop things from time to time especially Yipes. When he played Fchamp before Evo, he got a normal grab and tried some flashy shit and it didnt even come out, he got his shit pushed in sideways in like 3 seconds, big WTF moment. RayRay drops the ball sometime as well but is very VERY good with Magnus.
  • Joker has some insane combos and setups and is indeed the flashiest Magnus of them all. However, he does not block or play as well as he could(similar to RayRay, but RayRay has placed really well in the past Road to Evo)


Start of the round Wolverine is a nightmare for Magneto.


How? Just walk up to his short ass and mash pimp slap on that nigga.


No surprise that Champ is ridiculously good at blocking and zoning, dude mains Dhalsim in AE for crying out loud.


your avatar is godlike.

I agree with Rokomode’s list for the most part.

I think Champ’s is the best, it’s not flashy but he has his game plan down to a science, he never drops his combos, and he has the best defense of any player playing umvc3. If you go watch him play his phoenix team you’ll see his magneto does all the work, just opens people up with missiles and trijumps, goes for the reset that he pretty much popularized, and plays every matchup properly. Watching his matches is like watching Viscant’s team in vanilla, everything is super clean and calculated.

Joker has the most entertaining Magneto, with the best movement, flashiest combos, and uses all the new tech we find. Still the best guy at abusing boxdash magnetic blasts. But he is sloppy at times and doesn’t have the experience or the knowledge that someone like FChamp has.


Real talk, I don’t see how FChamp could be anything less than the best, dude plays Top 8 Evo caliber players on the daily. Fuck, I wake up at 4 AM sometimes, and i’m not even surprised anymore to see him still grinding it out.


like real talk?


da realest talk nikka, u alrdy no


How many Tengu Eggs have you used up already?


He breaks a Tenga… uhmm, Tengu each week.


clearly everyone has forgot about the canadian magus… one mr. luis fernando