Who had a candy cabs or arcade cabs?

I made build my custom cabinet. It’s more cheap but much works.

I build my cabinet was 5 years ago. that’s first my job. My cabinet is not good enough.

I will make second cabinet is better than my old cabinet.

My old cabinet.


I would like to see your cabinet picture. I love it.

I’ve posted these in the “show us your setup” thread, but I’ll spam it here again.

Gamesroom front view:


Back view:


What you see:

*Cocktail MAME cabinet - not documented yet. Plays only vertical games in MAME.

  • LAI (Leasure and Allied Industries - Aussie arcade mob from the 80’s) “Lowboy” cabinet. Just a JAMMA cabinet at the moment. Will be MAMEd shortly with a JPAC.

  • high res and low res monitors - Sitting on the table at the back. One is a 21" high-res SVGA monitor that I use for playing Dreamcast and PC shmups. Both are rotated vertically to play games in proper resolution. One is an old TV that I ripped the chassis out of and replaced with an arcade monitor chassis. It takes 15KHz RGB in the back. I’ve modded all of my consoles to spit out RGB (either directly off the chips or by hacking RGB/SCART cables).

Cabinets are the only way to play fighters and shmups IMHO. Asides from TVs sucking for picture clarity, I’m old and grew up on the arcade boom era. I miss arcades and cabinets, and can’t stand gaming on a TV in the lounge.

holy smokin… you come true dream than my dream.

awesome job. :clap: :clap: :clap:

HEY, Elvis_A_Presley

I’m faster learned from Shoryuken turtor, How to make custom joystick.
Thank you to SHOO and Paik4Life are both special teacher custom joystick.

I build a monster dual joystick. I made my custom joystick is best!


I think, Mame is simple only display arcade cabinet and Shoryuken design more deep joystick!


Anyone has a sheet or something where are the sizes or specs on how to build an naomi japanese cabinet? I know its plastic and all but Im thinking on it on some wood and still the alluminium sides… god too sexy!



custom build UA2…shitty picture…I didnt have money for a nice camera :xeye:



another cabinet I build for a friend(scoot magee xbox live dropper:rofl:)




and now I have one of those dynamo showcase cabinets with 31" gateway monitor and front pedestal. will take pics when I am not lazy :tup:

SNAAAAKE man I must have seen your cabinet a dozen times, but I still can’t get over the artwork. It’s just awesome. So much detail and effort it just impresses me every time I look at it.

WOW! snaaaaake. your side art is great. I know it’s sideart artwork is more expensive than scroll wall. :wink:

I paid $12 for 2 scroll wall. How much you cost it side art ?

^ nothin…I am too good to be paying for stuff :wgrin:

scott at mamemarquees.com printed them free because I gave him the high resolution photoshop files so he can print them for others(they are paying of course).

I’m going to be redoing the control panel and marquee next chance I get, but you get the idea:

I took pictures through the entire process:


My cabs:

New Astro City (vertical)


Taito Egret 2 - Have MvC2 in it right now, too lazy to snap a new pic


here my baby:lovin: currently i have a ps2 hooked up to it running all my fighting needs:wgrin:

Ketsui… nice. I wish I could afford the PCB!

That and Mushihime Sama Futari and Muchi Muchi Pork. Being a Cave fan is too damned expensive…

heres a pic of 2 candy type cabs i built.


full build log and details on Aussie Arcade.

looks nice but how do you “build” plastic/metal arcade cabinets ?? you actually build them with fiberglass or something ??


nope, all 18mm MDF.
it was routed, filled and sanded to get the smooth/rounded look.
plus 3 thick coats of semi gloss enamel - dries like plastic.

can’t really tell from the pics - in person you can tell they are wood.

EDIT - the control panels are 2mm stainless steel with matt black enamel.
all sanwa parts.

Nice work spotlanx. Go team Australia.

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So I bought this…
Monitor is pristine, control panel needed a little work, but everything works 100%.





Control Panel Restoration:





I think it looks pretty good.
Using the original SF2:T CP + art overlay + Plexi

I’m a very happy camper…