Who had a candy cabs or arcade cabs?

That egret 3 is nice. :tup:
And nice work on the cp matskat.

The old one looked better blue is ugly.

Im getting my first candy cabinet today :woot::woot::woot:

I thought that opips had come back. Greatest member to ever grace this forum.

too bad i am slowly in the process of moving so no pics, but i have an old rampage cab that was setup to run soul edge, well, 20 minutes later and it’s a dedicated neo geo cab (or any 2-4 button board i have), another cab that was gutted to be used for a mame cab (for the past 4 years now :frowning: ) and sega saturn display unit from toys r us (guess what for… up, a saturn!)

i’m dying to find a cheap vertical cab for my macross board!

Where did you get yours from?

I’m jealous as fuck cuzzz

Grats on the collection OP.

Does any vendor sell this in the states?

There are vendors who ship to the states, and on some of the other forums (arcade otaku, and the neo-geo forums) they do group buys every 9 months or so.

If you wanted a Japanese style candy cab, look on ebay, or craigslist (within a reasonable driving distance) or ask around on those other two forums, maybe someone is selling ? (arcade otaku has alot of UK and EURO users, so dont get excited to see a Aero City for sale looking minty and realize its in france…)

Oh, and Donovan myers and another user have built their own vewlix style cabs, you could consider that, I think Kray in texas is trying to build a kit that is shipp-able

I just got my cab yesterday, i’ve been cleaning it up all night & this whole afternoon on a “Mint Condition” AWSD…Im not going to say the sellers name yet as i e-mailed him & ill see if he can compensate on item not describe. Also quite a few scratches on the side & weird junk on top. Also spray paint on the CP trying to hide its condition…:sad:

Also my monitor seem all wack, its like its very dim, doesn’t have that punch, seem blurry…Is this common when hooking up a 360 to an arcade monitor? This is a Tri-sync monitor 31k…Sadly i dont have atomiswave or naomi to check it out…

Blast the VGA connection on your monitor with duster before you connect it. Clearing the dirt/dust in that area did a lot for me. And then if that doesn’t work, you might have to tweak settings/pots on your chassis or something. There are AWSD owners on arcadeotaku…that place is great.

I got my jpac in today. Now I just need to buy a mame pc.

Did you get it from CoinOp rcaido? They have a very long history of pulling that shit, selling machines as like new when they are actually beat to hell.

Here are some pictures of mine: Arcade Stuff pictures by evildede - Photobucket

I am trying to sell it right now as I need funds for my wedding. Great cab, lots of fun, although I think I won’t be getting any candy cabs for a while and wait until I have the money for a vewlix. With most of the games I like now on newer consoles, I just don’t feel the need for one, especially considering the money you have to put in, and those monitors, even though they last very long, don’t come cheap. I’ll most likely just put a console in a Vewlix and call it a day. It is great fun though, but I realized fast enough that having arcades is an expensive hobby. And don’t even get me started on trying to purchase cave games “sigh”

How much are you trying to sell your astro candy for? I dont know i think i like the candy look more the Vewlix look…

I have a sega blast city cabinet, its pretty awesome. I purchased it from Ken at the gameroom. Ken’s a good seller and all but he needs to ship this cabs with better. I know of 2 people who’s cabs arrived damaged same as mine. I’ll try to post pics here. I’ve been looking for years for a Capcom Mini cute, they are awesome because they fit virtually anywhere.

Is it Ken you’re talking about or someone else?

I just got this:


From Ken at thegameroom. He doesn’t live too far from me so I picked it up with some Sega Japanese stools. Still needs some artwork.