Who has a camera phone?

I’m looking for a camera phone that can also record video at a resolution of 320x240, has a decent storage capacity, a means to transfer the files/data to my computer, & also do my laundry.

I care more about the video resolution then the picture resolution. To check out the resolution of your vid, open the video file with Windows Media Player, than click on “File” and then “Properties”. The resolution will be listed under “Video size”.

Let me know what model you have and how good your vids are.

LG vx9800

all phones suck for video

but mine is decent and i have a 1gb mini sd

I have a MOTO V6 RAZR MAXX . I put in a 1 gig mini sd and can handle up to 2 gigs. It has what you specified above. But like shoo said, its not that good quality for video. When you import it to ur pc…it looks bad. Pictures: 2 mega pixels…not that bad.

I have a camera phone, i record you losing. :arazz:

camera phones are getting better

not exactly for recording yourself playing 3s or anything thatll move fast

not yet at least…


:tup: :tup:

that is helluva resolution for a phone!!!

I have a Sony Ericsson W810i, and the video resolution is 176 x 144

I used it to record this:


yea, most camera phones that i looked at have that resolution. i did find a few cameras with 320x240 resolution, but they were hella expensive, even after rebates. :sad:

Camera phone with 3.0mp. I figure by the time they make 4.0mp, that will be the perfect one to get.

what carrier do you have?

who cares anyway. buy a digital camera or camcorder instead. fuck camera phones. also buy a machine machine and dryer for laundry. or go to the laundromat

i already have a camcorder, but i’m not planning to carry that around with me everyday. that’s just for special events and maybe an amature film if i ever find the time.