Who has a childs penis? The Thread

My vote goes to Vercette

damn, this is gonna get closed with the quickness.

what happened to srk…it used to be nothing but street fighter knowledge and top level strats with the pro’s contributing. Now theres nothing but random fuckn idiots here and the pro’s just don’t post anymore…

This website saved street fighter and its a god damn shame what it has turned into…

this coming from mixups lacky… nigga you a bitch! combo my dick into your mouth. i’ll srtider doom your mom in the ass all night you little nigga ass bitch! Why dont you practice those combos Mixup sent you on a post card from jail Nigga what???

Shut the fuck up scrub. What are you talking about SRK used to be…? You fuckin registered in Sep 2006 pussy lip. Get the fuck outta here, vote or take a fat dick ride on the pony express to mixups jailcell/colon.

That’s what happens when a website gets more popular. More crazy people. Hence GameFAQs. Besides…this is some Marvel related business so it’s expected. Random hate all the time in that game. :lol:

Are you fucking retarded? It took you 5 years to figure out a name. Oh my god!. Your name still sucks. I’ve come up with a list of suggestions:

  1. Saczula
  2. Fagzilla
  3. Aladdin
  4. OnionZula
  5. Curry Balls
  6. Osama Bin-Zula
  7. Jell-0 Miczula
  8. You shouldve kept trolling the boards
  9. Rock-A-Doodle
  10. Mixed Nuts

Nice edit, fag.

one of us needs to grow up. I’ll take the high road all day.

You are an amazing man lol…thank god we still have people like you on these forums with you srk isnt possible:rofl:

The top player thing almost made me cry btw:lol: too funny


We need to hit up some deuce.

too good


best thread ever!

hahahaha :rofl:

good shit good shit

Enjoy your ban.