Who has advantage after focus attacks?

Is there anybody out there who knows the answer that can help me out?

  1. Who has the frame advantage after a blocked level 1 focus attack > dash in? Level 2?

  2. Who has the frame advantage after a focus cancelled move, like for instance blocked DP > FADC forward?

Lv1 FA causes 15 frames of blockstun. When you dash out of FA, your dash is one frame faster than normal.
Chun’s forward dash is 15 frames. The dash comes out one frame faster, so she is at +1 after Lv1 FA, forward dash.
Most characters do not dash that quickly and will be at disadvantage after Lv1 FA, forward dash.
You can find info on forward/back dash speeds here: Super Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki
Lv2 FA causes 21 frames of blockstun. Only the slowest characters will still be at disadvantage with Lv2 FA.

As for the second question, the attacker is usually at advantage. How much advantage they have depends on the move being canceled… in some cases an FADC can actually leave you at disadvantage.
Frame advantage = blockstun caused by that move - forward dash frames + 1

How do you know how much blockstun a move provides

so far FADC = disadvantage. I almost always get DP’d or grabbed out of FADCing in both cases, the one fadcing and the one blocking…

For SSFIV’s given frame data, it should be:

active + recovery + block advantage - 1 = blockstun

Using Seth’s hp srk as an example, I believe it would be (using data from Seth’s Frame Data Super Street Fighter 4 : EventHubs.com):

active frames - 2 (can’t fadc from first 2 frames) + recovery frames + advantage on block - dash + 1 (1 frame less dash out of focus)
18 - 2 + 37 + -32 - 18 + 1 = +4 frame advantage, assuming you both focus and dash on the first possible frames

It’s generally listed how much blockstun each move has or you can work it out if you know the Block Advantage and Frame data. So Block Stun = Recovery - BlockAdvantage.

Ok I get how you would figure it out, but does it vary depending on how fast or slow you FADC?

Active frames don’t turn straight into recovery. This is how meaty combos work, where you hit on later active frames to get more advantage.

If you don’t dash cancel within 4 frames of FADCing you can lose some advantage i guess. But on a technical scale, there’s mechanics in place to help you FADC perfectly, so don’t worry too much about not FADCing fast enough, just do it:P.

thanks for everyones help, the link was good.

One more question. Do any of you use those formulas, or that info? Is it helpful to you guys, or do you just have 1 go to stategy against FADCs? I know you can always just block and tech.

Just play and you’ll learn your options. It’s important to know how safe you are against each attack, but you’ll learn this naturally by just playing the game. Frame data is good to double-check/re-assure yourself of a situation if it’s as safe as you think it is. I think frame data is a bonus to know, but always rely on your instincts and experience than frame data, since it’s easy to so easy to get frame data wrong or worst yet rely on your own understanding of frame data and never learn because the “numbers say it is so”, i’ve done it in many occasions.

Huh? You said someone was wrong and said something wrong yourself rather than their correct explanation. That’s not keeping it simple, that’s just being wrong.

You can find the frame data on event hubs, most everyone has a advantage after a lvl 2, while lvl 1 seems at disadvantage.


Oops, I didn’t read his formula right, it was fine i just simplified it for the newbie forum. Sorry to call it incorrect i deleted my posts to remove confusion.

About Active Frames into recovery frames. I Believe for most animations that’s whats occuring, otherwise why would a “meaty” attack be occuring. Some attacks like Ryu’s CS.HK Don’t agree with this, but neither does Sleazoid’s blockstun’s formula work for that one.