Who has AE on PC?

And do you have an AMD or NVIDIA?

I had issues with getting my stick to work with nvidia… I went through all the steps.

Stick should be affected by your graphics card at all.

Are you having framerate issues?

i got amd. everythng is great

Shouldn’t, even.

Sticks are affected by your motherboard chipset, not your graphics card. If it doesn’t register, first try going to the menu with the stick plugged in using your keyboard and see if it’s detected in controls. If so, you can change the controls in that menu.

If that doesn’t work, sometimes programs can help like http://xpadder.com/

If that doesn’t work, there are other alternative programs, or you can buy a cheap usb thing that slots into the back of your computer.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Is your Arcade Stick a PS3 one?