Who has an A rank?


I’ve been playing online for a very short time, I proficient at the single player arcade game but since making the change to online games I have noticed that the highest rank I have come across was a very handy Bison player that was a B+ rank and also that I lose… alot! I’m not that bothered though I have a blast trying, but as a lowly D rank the gulf between myself and the C ranks I meet is vast but I’m getting there slowly.


the rank system have been reset.
For now everybody have still low rank, don t worry, rank are meaningless for now.

focus on PP, rry to reach first 1000, then 2000 then 3000.


2.6k PP atm and stopped cause game is laggy which makes ranked even more fraudulent than before. Was 4.4k in 2012.

Also trying to find a new main so rather just run endless. BP doesn’t matter dude, anyone can get the rank they want just by playing. I’ve seen 10k BP, 1k PP Ryus in 2012 and they played like it was day 1.


It’s pretty brutal now regarding the PP and BP since it was reset. Scrubby players and top end players all mixed up. You never know if you’re going to get a blown up by a very low ranking player.


Judging by the “Elite” replays, the way to get A rank is to win a bunch of single round matches against opponents that just stand there and do nothing.



Almost every 4k PP player is a fraud, and it’s a new account. Surprise surprise.


The system needs time to develop since it reset. I’m at 3500 pp now on PC and cannot get any higher due to there almost not being anyone to play up there. It’s an endless stream of players with no points that gives you 1 for every win.


Best solution is to simply not care about online rank.


I wish you could turn off ranks entirely. Just seeing some guy with 3000PP and 7000BP (20K before Ultra reset) and I already feel like there’s nothing I can do. They generally don’t actually mean anything .


As a rule I don’t, but it was a useful guide to find out if I was going to get my arsed handed to me or not, the difference in skill level of people at D compared to C was immense and landing a few hits on a B was a personal triumph. But as someone mentioned they reset the rankings so I don’t know if rankings are static or if you get a whole load of newbies like me and everyone else gravitates to A and B.


I’m A rank but I feel like points mean nothing. The reason why I play rank is so I’m able to adapt to different playstyles, randomness, and knowledge. I actually play more in endless but endless is filled with trolls, people who are not trying to win and others who are not using their better characters. It’s ridiculous how many times people lose once and rematch with a DJ mirror or pick Dan. That’s when I go back to rank .


I have 3.5 pp and 10k bp Balrog. I wan’t to get A rank soon, but I really don’t care that much. Honestly getting points isn’t that hard though. In ranked it’s pretty much “who makes the best reads/best defense.” That comes with time though, so when I was in your position I just set goals for myself, and tried to play as many much more experienced players as I could.


If you should measure something in ranked it should be PP and not BP. BP only says something about how much the person plays, PP is more tied to win percentage. Most people above 4000 PP at least knows how to play.


Had an A with Adon back in AE, but currently my highest C+, unfortunately.

It’s all about that PP tho


I think its kinda cool with everyone being mixed up right now.

Im getting to beat people who used to dodge me at the end od 2012 because i didnt have enough points for them or whatever

It’s like whoa. I beat that dude pretty easy back when we both were at 2kpp in the first 2 weeks. Then he grinds up to 4.5k and proceeds to kick me because i didn’t care to keep up with the grind.

Im a complete land mine right now tho. I stopped at 3kpp back when it was good for top 400. None of my characters are even at C+


I hit a wall around 2.5k PP. This is mainly due to running in to some one way better then me and fighting them over and over again until they send me back in the 1kPP range.