Who has Best Mix-Up game?

I’m pretty sure viper and sakura are have some of the better mixup games.
Which character do you guys think has the best mixup game?


gen, fuerte, ken

Blanka is up there, no?

Abel deserves a mention, no?

Fuerte, since the entire character is built around mixup.

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Pardon my ignorance guys, I swear im not a noob, Ive been playing fighers for over 15 years, but if someone could clarify what “mix-up game” means it would help me read this thread!

When you fight El Fuerte … What you think most of the time?WHAT HE GONNA DO SO i stop taking DAMAGE…

It’s basicly the option you have to attack someone(combo -like or special) … Leaving them thinking how to block or what to do to avoid taking dmg.

That what i always though anyway.

Mix-up is the art of being unpredictable. Example, during your opponent’s wake up for, lets say C.Viper, you have the option of doing a crouching attack (if you believe the opponent is about to throw), do a universal overhead (if you believe the opponent is about to block low), a throw (if you believe he’s gonna block), or block (if you believe the person’s gonna do a shoryuken or something).

Instead of constantly doing a low MK on your opponent’s wake up, you should mix it up, and maybe bait your opponent to do a shoryuken (if you think he think he figured you out), and go for a meaty combo.

Of course mix-up isn’t just about the wake up, its just being unpredictable, to keep your opponent thinking.

Best mix-up game I’ll say next to Fuerte is Viper, hands down. That is, AFTER you take the hours and hours of dedication into learning all of her tricks and working endlessly on your execution. Only on my 5th week with Viper and I still have a shitload to work on.
All in all though, Viper is damn deadly in the right hands.

Oh yeah, to answer the question, it has to be Abel and C.Viper on a great player.

I would say Fuerte, but he can be countered on reaction quite often.

What do you mean by “best”? Are you talking in terms of unpredictability, damage potential, bait potential, accessibility (ease of use), or hardest to counter?

top three would be

el fuerte

preeeeeetty sure theres no UOH in this game, but i know what you meant.


I wonder what some characters UOH’s would look like.