Who has still not gotten their TE stick?

I ordered mine on 12-5-08, and I still do not have mine. WTF?

From whom?

Check this thread. A lot of people haven’t gotten them yet.


I know my store is still waiting on a couple, we have pretty much taken care of our pre-orders.

I preordered mine from LizardLick, figuring I could duck the masses who preordered from everywhere else. But MadCatz dicked LizardLick out of his launch day shipment of TE sticks and tacked him onto the second wave.

I’m still waiting, though.

Pre’d mine at EB in Toronto and still haven’t heard a peep.

ditto, if you ask them they will tell you march 15th, biggest load of crap unless canada post is going to start delivering on sundays just for us

I preordered from a local EBgames in s.cali on 1/10 and just picked it up this past thursday 3/5.

I ordered mine from a gamestop. They said they hope to have them in by the end of March.

i heard these sticks were bad anyway…

…I knew it was too good to be true…

curse that EB Games sales rep!

I asked them on monday and they said the sticks come in on march 13th. This is the one on queen west.

They still don’t have any copies of sf4 for ps3 though.