Who has the best 3S Ryu in the world



I have seen MMM ns a lot of JPN players but they have JPN characters next to their name and Frankie 3S was alright as well


Georgia’s name is usually mentioned when talking about Japanese Ryu players.

my fave Japanese Ryu player of the moment is Namijin (i think that’s how you spell it). he was the Ryu in Shirube 2.



you forgot alex valle’s 3s ryu and frankie3s’ infamous denjin !


Thought Valle hated 3S, and Frankie3S needs to visit japan more often to be called the ‘best’ Ryu player.

I think it would be between Georgia, MMM and Namijin(sp?)


Frankie3S Denjin Ryu


are you sure ?? sounds like a BS …
he played very well in evo2k2 …


Has in the presence sense as its nearly 2005 now


Alaska Doesnt get much Credit for Being in Evo but people up hear Focus on such original characters such as Ryu. I must say I have a ryu thats pretty good but thats only because he is GOD in 3s I mean he takes the most damage out of you in the game, aside from Gil. Aside from the contrary beleif of Yun who has 104 damage Ryu gets up to 110 on a super art 2 (shin Shoryuken) off a taunt. here is the combo try it for yourself:

(Taunt)jumping heavy P
Standing Heavy P
Heavy shoryuken
Shin Shoryuken
Joudan Sokutou Geri (Quarter Circle Foward Heavy Kick)

It also Has a pretty good garuntee of stun damage as well. From start up it does 3/4 of a life Bar in Damage.


that combo doesnt work, ryu is too slow, gouki and ken can j.hp, s.hp xx srk xx SA,

I think the highest combo damage involves SA1


that combo works against Remy. can work against Urien too. dunno what conditions, but Mopreme did them in one of his videos. it was the one with the senseless combos :lol:. well, senseless 'cuz you can’t expect to perform them in real matches.

only thing to mention is that there is no need for Ryu to taunt prior to a combo. his taunt does not increase damage or stun.



dude … how come daigo was able to do his senseless combo on Jwong …

‘senseless combos’ like that works , if the opponent was careless , got parried , stunned hehe … or even cross up …

ken’s combo fucking kills …

all you need is timing , opportunity and luck …
so as skills …

people who fucking does such ‘senseless’ comboes deserve a HUGE cheer by those audiance


Senseless because you can’t depend on them. But I agree, props to anyone that can pull off a ‘senseless’ combo in a tourny or something.


the combo works just fine, except you need “light” blade kick (heavy is WAY too slow, unless they’re stunned). But after the damage reduction from the super, you’d get the same amount of damage with a standing roundhouse (with the timing its MUCH easier to do) Also, no need to taunt, ryu’s taunt does nothing except give some meter. I only go for a follow up blade kick (or the even flashier dash - short hurricane kick) If i see they’re stunned.

Ryu combos do NOT do the most damage in the game, Pick Makoto, pick SA3, turn that shit on, and then start hittin’ folks. Then you’ll see some damage.

One last correction: Ryu is by no means GOD in 3S at all! He’s consistantly ranked middle tier: some times high middle, sometimes mid-middle. The Gods of 3S are undisputably Yun (my personal vote for #1) Chun Li (a VERY close 2nd) and Ken (again, very close). Sometimes you’ll see Makoto in there, sometimes Urien, but the “trinity” is always gonna be at the top.

I’d go with Georgia’s SP1 Ryu as the best in the world… Frankie 3s is pretty sick too tho

i wouldn’t call Daigo’s combo on Jwong senseless at all! it was a pretty standard Jumping Roundhouse - crouching forward - jab(or strong, can’t tell) dragonpunch - SP3. Its the same as ken basic crouching forward - SPwhatever combo strings… with a jump added.

I can show you mopreme’s “big combos” vid… THEN you’ll know senseless.


Check out Tosaka’s combo video at www.combovideos.com That stuff is crazy.


i have nothing much to mention ken …
he’s easy combo is just insane



did i say Daigo’s combo was senseless?


take things into context first before you run your mouth.

if you watched that video i was talking about, then perhaps you’d agree with me.

i’ll give you an example as to what the contents were. so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, yeah?

the first “combo,” if you will, in that video done by Mopreme is this:

Urien does Aegis and does EX Chariot Rush. Sean jumps backward to avoid the tackle and does cross up forward kick -> close s. strong punch xx jab Dragon Smash xx Hadou Burst -> Sean gets hit by Aegis then immediately does another jab Dragon Smash xx Hadou Burst then gets hit by Aegis again then immediately does yet another jab Dragon Smash xx Hadou Burst. still with me, dude.com? i hope so. ok. after the last Dragon Smash xx Hadou Burst, Urien is in a juggle state so Sean does close s. strong punch, s. roundhouse chain -> juggle with far s. fierce. at that point Urien is stunned. Sean then tosses his basketball then jumps and does a fierce -> close s. roundhouse -> EX Tornado Kick.

i dunno about you, dude.com, but i sure can’t pull that off in a match. maybe you can.

oh. and do you really want me to describe the combo sequence Mopreme did for Ryu in that video? you wanna know why i said it was senseless? if not, just refer to the Sean description 'cuz the Ryu segment is similar.

and yeah, dude.com, that Ken combo is hardly senseless. even if you think i implied it. a simple jump in combo like that can and does happen even in high level play. but stuff where you rely on getting hit by Aegis Reflector to make you come out of a certain animation to continue hitting your opponent? guess that’s a regularity with you. but it isn’t for me.




sorry for sounding harsh. we had a tourney today and i wasn’t able to make it :lol:. i’m choked. so sorry again.


oh i thought you’re refering to mope’s ryu combo on remy …
and sean 1 is obviously impossible X.x .


Well, obviously not IMPOSSIBLE… mopreme figured it out. I’ve seen similar shit happen in tourneys (admitted, low level tourneys). Still, crazy shit. :tup:


The timing on that ryu combo is VERY strict under normal circumstances. That’s the main reason it’s a stupid combo.


Nevermind, I’m retarded. I believe that ryu jump in combo works on everyone and the timing is not that strict. You just need to hit them really high with the jump in.