Who has the best corner pressure/control in the game?


What characters are best at beating the crap out of you while they have you in the corner, and keeping you there?

My initial guess is like “Chun Ken Ryu in that order” but I wanna hear from people smarter than me.


Chun/gouki…pretty much everybody in the game.


You stole my topic of discussion! Should’ve never released this inquiry.

Dudley Ichiban. Or corner + opponent wakeup, he owns that situation.

You can think of lots of things every character can do to you in the corner, keep you there, take advantage of 50/50 or worse making a choice / guessing / force an action. Asking who’s best might go into the tiers or how we see the game volatile back and forth soon enough. Its really interesting how Makoto essentially makes her own corners though, anywhere on the screen.


who the hell forgets this one, guess we all did:

Urien with meter

“bitch slap room” <-- maybe the one some people have called this aegis on top of you, is the one to forget easily.


Most of the cast can be pretty brutal when you’re cornered but I think Duds could be the nastiest.




I also vote Necro.


Necro has to get you in the corner first…






I would say everybody in 3rd Strike except for Twelve has a decent corner game. Cream of the crop are Chun, Ken, Makoto and Dudley imo, but everyone has something.

Except Twelve. Y’know, because he’s not good.

Even Sean has a better corner game. How distressing. (´・ω・`)


Urien, Necro, Dudley, and Ken come to mind. They’re the only characters I really fear pinning me in a corner.


Dudley, Chun, Ken, Akuma, and Urien.


Urien, Oro, Hugo, Twins, Dudley.


Sean :pleased:




Twelve has an average corner game, its just how creative you get with your high/low’s, uoh, and iad’s. Almost everything is a gamble though.




Go watch any Kuroda or Jr Rodridguez 3rd strike video…