Who has the best corner pressure?

I’m interested to know which characters people think are able to apply the best corner pressure…

And on a related topic, who has the best options in the corner? (Yeah I know, it’s match-up specific.)

Just trying to get some discussion flowing :slight_smile:

Best corner pressure: Boxer because he can put safe buffalo headbutts in his block strings, chip away at you with low rushes and mixup with kick rushes.

Best in-corner options: I guess Claw comes to mind since he can just walldive out, hah


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when gief has you in the corner it is fuckin’ scary. That is all.

Even scarier than Zangief would be Hawk with his no-whiff, no-escape Typhoon loop. Also Claw is pretty scary when he’s pressuring opponents in the corner, he may not do as much chip damage as Boxer or Dictator, but his fast jumpins, good range pokes and tricky walk up throws are deadly IMO.

corner pressure: Dic vs. Claw

Yes Claw has many good options. cr. forward - cr. mp. mp. X2. flipkick as reversal after bait, roll on op’s wakeup. I am not a veteran by any means but it seems Claw has better options than Dic with applying corner pressure because he is a reversal (flip kick) while Dic has just a bad reversal (scissor kick) or his super.

Also, Claw has one of the best crossups in the game with his walldive if done at appropriate times, which easily leads to corner pressure. I think just by having so many more options in general claw has more pressure than dic from his game not completely falling apart if they escape the corner.

That being said, I am a new player (I try to do as much research and as for as much left from the nice players on GGPO) so some of this may be off and anyone should feel free to correct me because I care less about losing/being in the wrong than learning.

O.Ken’s got some good corner pressure with his godlike DP and his great fireball traps.

n. honda has a great corner pressure too, if you can’t reverse properly clp + stored oicho is really annoying.

old honda has some tricks too, for example cascade throws at the corner (roundhouse throw + sumo splash hk + roundhouse throw, it does well against Sim and a few other chars but it depends on the player.)

fei long

This is awesome man!

So, in thinking about the cast there really isn’t anyone who has bad corner pressure, i.e. an inability to apply corner pressure. The corner is just a bad place to be. For those who haven’t seen it: sonic hurricane dot com Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 3

It’s match-up dependent, in general I would say:
[]T. Hawk (perfectly executed);
[*]Chun (against top tier), shotos (against others).
I don’t know what to say about Fei Long. He is pretty scary, but I feel he has to take risks to keep the pressure on. Same for Cammy. Honda is scary against characters with bad reversals, but dizzy potential aside (one aerial attack + oicho and you’re about to get stunned) he can be pushed back with a correct reading or lucky guess.

As for Claw, Dictator and Blanka, one does lose options at the corner, but at least does not risk getting killed right there. I feel a full knockdown outside the corner is worse against those.