Who has the best crossup?


In terms of randomness and ambiguity, who has the best crossup in cvs2? i think ken and rolento are pretty high, any other opinions and why?

ken just jumps right on top of you and does mk and it’s random on which side it will hit. rolento’s jumping mk is such a fat crossup in the first place and has so many setups that he’s really dangerous with it.

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From a far distance, Guile’s super jump lk is pretty ambiguous as to which side of the opponent guile will land on.


Forgot to mention Geese!!! If they miss the block they eat a huge combo that has a good chance to dizzy. There are many great crossups in the game though:

Bison HK
Blanka mk
Sagat lk
Honda mk
Shoto mk


IMO, from my experiences:

  1. Rolento: randomly impossible to block, WITHOUT knocking down the opponent first. Also has many set ups after a knockdown.
    2-tie) Shotos: All of them have killer cross ups off of many set ups which are impossible to block without guessing a direction.
    2-tie) Maki: Same as shotos. She also has crazy 1p cross up tricks, but that’s not quite in the same category.
  2. Geese: Most of his good set ups require low jump, but it’s all good since he can link abnormally easily off of his low jump forward anyway. (6th because shotos are 3 characters, btw)
  3. Vice: Her set up after her b&b combo is VERY random which way to block.
  4. Rugal: He only has one good set up for it (dive punch), but that shit is HARD to block.
  5. Sakura: She has a really good set up after her b&b like always, but her whiff divekick set ups are usually better and safer.
  6. Yuri: the cross up itself isn’t all that great, but she has several set ups for a hard to block cross up.

Bison has a good cross up which is randomly impossible to block, without knockdown even. However, his jump arc is so huge that it’s really impractical to set up, and a whole bunch of other factors (ahem… roll) prevent it from ever coming into play. His knockdown moves also don’t set it up well. Blanka cross up forward is also hard to block sometimes. However, he doesn’t really have a follow up to it besides going straight into elec. Hibiki has a really ambiguous cross up… but it’s ambiguous where she’s gonna LAND, not where to block it.


Sakura’s 4-way crossup high/low thing is the best, I think. Every one of them leads to another 4-way!


iori back+lk B&B right after it ye =D


Don’t forget about Hibiki’s j.roundhouse. It can be random in the air and random when you land, too, if you hit the right spots.

She’s got the wake-up cross-up too, which is handy.


Geese’s Fwd

Dhalsim’s Fwd :lol:


Raidens jumping down hard punch belly splash