Who has the best dante?



I’ve realized most people only really pick up dante for jam session, and when their main character dies the rest of their team is trash. Who has the best dante in the business right now?!




^ That’s the answer.

Pr Rog when he was playing him in ultimate was doing most of the optimal solo dante stuff. look for vids of him on FGTVs youtube.


Thats what I thought, but doesn’t he run Nemo’s team and his Spencer team as of late? i thought he gaveup on dante.


he uses wesker/dante/magneto every so often. but not often enough :frowning:


i think he mostly uses Spencer/Vergil/Hawkeye now


Yippee and KillerKai have some great hostile dantes


That’s not true at all. PR Rog just like most of us was still playing a Vanilla Dante during the first days of Ultimate. Hardly did I see anyone being optimal with solo Dante until the game was around 4-6 months old. Just my opinion though, but I really don’t think anyone was optimal with Dante at that time. That was the last time I saw PR Rog maining Dante.


he was still playing dante a month before evo


FC Jago and Yipes


Yipes,Footwurk,Richard in that order


Shady_k has been displaying a pretty sick Dante on point the last couple of weeks on FGTV. Check it out.


Still say EMP Jago after IFC Yipes

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DAPVIP :slight_smile:


I dunno man, he disappeared into BBoy land and I havent seen him come back since…


Not to sound like a hater, but there are so many better Dantes than Footwork, I don’t know why people think he is the next best to Yipes, yea he has great movement and all, but his teams are ass, and his decision making is some of the poorest I’v seen, DapVip and Sum Brown Kid are just a couple out of many more that have better and more consistent Dantes that come way closer to Yipes than Footwork.


Yea he did say he was taking a long hiatus right after he signed with EMP. I think he’s jaded after feeling like he wasn’t appreciated but that’s a topic for another thread.


Cloud805 is pretty awesome imo


Yes, Cloud805 has a very high level with Dante.

I Think Yipes is the best.

What do you think about Richard Nguyen ?


Yipes is so many miles above all the other Dante’s its crazy.