Who has the best Iron Man in the World? (MvC2)

I’m just curious who you guys think have the best iron man.

Demon Hyo
(couldn’t find any iron man footage)

Killa Kelly

(couldn’t find any iron man footage)

Julius Jackson

Iron Illan

Phat Toi
(couldn’t find any iron man footage)


Woo Grimey

If you know someone who deserves a spot, post up who and a video if you can. Also, discuss why you picked whoever you voted for.

the iron russian



its between ill and kelly.

Illan’s solid…

Demon Hyo, End of thread!

I don’t have the videos, but I know Preppy has them.

I’d put up Justin Wong, and Preppy has videos of him wrecking through New York with IM. Super Crack hour or something, where Wong plays Cable/Sent/IM

The other one is of course Mitsu. Mitsu places better at Evos than anybody from that list, asides from maybe D. Hyo.

Id go for Killa Kelly and Illan, their IM is just plain sexy

What I’d like to know, is who has the best War Machine? I remember seeing a tournament video a while back with a WM player beating storm good, but don’t remember the details of who/when the video was taken.

I don’t know, after watchng the video’s a lot of them where good. Killa Kelly and Julius Jackson stood out… From watching the FFA ranbats I still say Illan’s Iron Man is solid…

i like JJ > Mitsu > Illan > D.hyo > Phat toi > KK > everyone else

I voted for BB Hood but damn if Illan’s IM isn’t crazy.



thats what I was gonna say. His set of matches with wong was crazy. I think preppy has that on his site. Made me want to play ironman.

fat toy aka stonny starks

or duane aka marvelous one

I take it MegamanDS is the joke option, right?

not like it matters. IM dont win tournaments.

i like my IM over your team OCV at Evo. 2/3 for $5.

i’d say combofiend cuz he just beat me nasty :sad: