Who has the best ken

Now come on people i need to know who has the best ken some people is saying that it is deigo i know it not i seen him get owned in japan so let me know who u think has the best ken and post up dome vids to back it up

im the best ken


Who the fuck is Deigo?



i jus 1earned engrish yestrd@y

the 1 who parried all of chung li kicks

so half the people that have played 3s are deigo? i’m not following you here.

Who is chung li? And what are dome vids?

I think he means Chong Li, so I’d say Dux is the best.

lol @ this thread.

Daigo. Easily.

Not Daigo easily, a lot of players have good ken. But i think there’s a lot a thread about that just use the search things.


hes saying you’re wrong and you should feel bad

Fuck tha Police.

best ken? idk… tons of people on the ken train out there and tons of them are real good.

best gameplay?

id have to say daigo hands down. his execution is practically flawless, he capitalizes on every opportunity to the max, and this guy can just plain read your mind ;pp.

i don’t know who’s the best but deshiken is such a pitbull it’s so fun to watch him play. it’s like watching smokin joe frazier. in your face all the time, well just like that except this is kinda geeky.

Have you seen any videos older than 2005?

what does videos older than 2005 have anything to do with this

Daigo barely plays anymore. Has he even qualified for SBO this year? Watch his match with Alex Valle last evo and tell me he still has flawless execution.