Who Has The Best Mag. as of now!

:wonder: this years evo…someone got there ass handed to them( not saying names)…but who really does have the best mag…and have you have to prove it…vid…tour. result etc.

Yipes probably has the best mags as of now.

Yeppers, it probably is Yipes right now.

IFCYIPES…cause he is “In Fucking Control”

i would agree that yipes is has the best mags around. But in terms of capability i would give it to someone like Joo correct me if i’m wrong

who da fuck is that


jOo? you’re joking right? GLITCHES!!! YES!!!

in terms of in game, it’s definitley yipes… he IS magneto

in terms of execution, i’d give it to the guy above me… magnetro, has the nicest combos wit mags

my bad i meant magnetro got confused with their videos:sweat: :sweat:

I would still give capability to yipes (and wigfall/reset honorable mentions for capability alone), yipes takes the cake clean for all-around best magneto right now. You probably still can’t count out soo though, but these 3 have much more exposure currently. Yipes is just too crazy all the shit he comes up with mid-match.

yipes is best on EC, reset’s best on WC as far as i’m concerned. Wigfall is prolly second in EC and Soo prolly second in WC.

MAN ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING MAGNETO ENVY PEOPLE. Let’s just go hit trainning mode already…

Most of the time I’m joking when I say this, but seriously,

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That nigga Yipes!

Why is the message in your avatar 3 letters long?

^ they stand for Young Blood Oro. get it, YBO

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Yipes imo

Chunk gets honorable mention

The other day yipes told me sanford has the craziest mag right now