Who has the best Ryu as of now?



Is it still Umehara san?




Daigo is the only Ryu that places in tournaments. Unfortunately I don’t see him winning any because Ryu is so ass now.


I dont know about Daigo not winning any tournaments but i agree Ryu is horrible now.


I thought he was playing Akuma now.


lol you been living under a rock hes been playing Ryu 2012 came out he dropped him for a short period for Akuma, then played Ryu exclusively again at evo he placed top 8 with ryu


EVO was a while ago.


His Akuma sucked no vortex game at all he tried playing Akuma using only fundamentals. Not sure why he didn’t take advantage of Akuma’s strong mix up game its not like its even hard to do.


Well, he’s ranked top 5 with Akuma, so he must be doing something right?


Daigo is 6-1 in topanga right now (1st place) with ryu. It’s still daigo.


Why do people act like Ryu is bad? He’s not bad. And especially Daigo can, and has won with him. He might not be the best, which still can hardly be said, but he’s NOT bad.